By Connor Thomas


It’s officially the 2022 offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles following their loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Wild Card round, which means it’s time to start taking a look at the players who possibly won’t be back next year. Of course, Howie Roseman has always been active on the trade market, and there are players that could be wearing a different jersey next season that aren’t listed here, but the Eagles still have a good number of players who will come off of the books this offseason with an option to either be re-signed through free agency or to let them sign with another team. Here is the full list of Eagles players from this past year’s roster that have contracts expiring this offseason:

  • Anthony Harris, S

    Harris had a forgettable season in his first year in Philadelphia, and he ends his one year deal without much to show for it. Harris was 4th on the team in tackles with 72, which is admirable, but he only had 1 interception and 3 passes defended. For a safety that started 14 games this season, those numbers don’t exactly scream re-sign. The good news is, at 30 years old, he probably won’t command huge interest on the free agent market. Harris could be back on a cheaper deal, or the Eagles could let him walk without much worry.

  • Derek Barnett, DE

    “It’s always him.” – Nick Sirianni. That’s all you need to know about Barnett’s standing with the Eagles. He has been a personal foul machine, with enough dumb penalties to sour both the fan base and the coaching staff. Has he soured the organization as a whole? Well, with an expiring contract and enough production to command solid money on the free agent market, the birds will be better off letting their 2017 first round pick walk.

  • Ryan Kerrigan, DE

    Kerrigan signed a one year deal with the Eagles this offseason, and answered that deal with a whopping 3 tackles on the year. For reference, that’s less than noted defensive powerhouses Josiah Scott (12), Jared Mayden (6), Marvin Wilson (4), and JJ ARCEGA-WHITESIDE, who made 5 tackles on the year. Jalen Reagor trailed Kerrigan by one tackle, notching 2 himself. Kerrigan was a non-factor this season, and will be next year as well when the Eagles undoubtedly let him walk.

  • Steven Nelson, CB

    Nelson is one of the more interesting names on this list. The Eagles signed him to a one year, $2.5 million deal this past offseason following the Steelers’ cut of their former starting corner. Nelson looked great in Pittsburgh, but looked lost at points in Philly. The talent is there, but with 3 first round draft picks, is it worth taking another chance on Nelson on a one year deal? There are worse CB2 options out there, but the birds may decide they’re better off drafting a top rookie corner to fill that spot instead.

  • Rodney McLeod, S

    I would be very surprised if Rodney McLeod wasn’t back in Eagles green next season. At 31 years old, he’s no spring chicken, but his bounce back from multiple serious injuries is admirable, and deserves the reward of another (team friendly) short term contract. Is it worth looking at bringing in a young heir to McLeod’s safety position? Absolutely. But he is a team leader, an asset in the Philadelphia community, and well liked in the locker room. He’s earned one more season.

  • Jordan Howard, RB

    It feels like we’ve been hearing Jordan Howard’s name called in NFL games for a decade, but really he’s only 27 years old. He does have a lot of miles on his body considering his tough running style, and yet he was very effective as a power back for the birds this past year when healthy. He’s not worth an overpay; no running back in the league is. It’s a drawback more of the position than of Howard himself. That being said, it’s hard to overpay a guy who made less than $1mil this past season. Unless a team inexplicably steals him away for a better contract, expect Howard to be back.

  • Hassan Ridgeway, DT

    Ridgeway wasn’t anything special this year, but he also didn’t make all that much money. This is one of those players that the Eagles can really go either way on in my mind. He is replaceable, but he was also under a cheap contract that could get cheaper following a year where he only notched 10 tackles and 2 sacks. It depends who else is in the market for the 27 year old DT, but this one is a coin flip as to whether or not he’ll be back in Philly in 2022.

  • Boston Scott, RB

    Boston Scott should be signed to a groundbreaking contract that only activates him for games against the NFC East. He’s a division killer, but he’s another guy like Jordan Howard that shouldn’t be overpaid. Scott made $920,000 last season, and outperformed that thanks to his 7 TDs on the year. Will another team throw the bag at him to try and lure him away from Philly? It’s possible, but with his versatility, the Eagles should be interested as well. Rookie Kenneth Gainwell had trouble finding snaps at points this year, and he and Scott basically occupy the same role. This choice depends on how the birds view Gainwell compared to Scott.

  • Alex Singleton, LB

    I’m higher than Singleton than most, admittedly. I think he’s absolutely an NFL player that could be a piece on a very good team, as long as he has a strong supporting defensive cast. He led the Eagles in tackles (137) for the 2nd straight season, and only got paid $850,000 to do so. Singleton will certainly command more than that in free agency, and at 28 he could still find himself a multi-year deal. Will Philly be the team that is willing to give him the best offer? Their linebacker tendencies might say no, but until they get some young talent in that room, Singleton is their best value option at the position. I’d bet he’s back in 2022.

  • Greg Ward, WR

    Ward only catches touchdowns. The issue is he doesn’t catch that many of those. He made $850,000 this past year, and probably has not done enough to grab attention of other teams. The question is just if the Eagles and Ward’s camp can come to terms on an agreeable deal based on his production. I’d imagine the Eagles will find a way to keep Ward as a cheap depth option with some slight upside as a backup rotational WR.

  • Jason Croom, TE

    Croom had 1 catch for 3 yards this year. He’s one of the lower men on the roster, and with the emergence of Tyree Jackson as the team’s favorite Tight End prospect, it seems that Croom will either be left to walk, or signed to a minimal deal on the practice squad.

  • Genard Avery, LB

    Avery was invisible at times for the Eagles this season, but still clearly has some semblance of NFL talent. The question is, will the Eagles see enough to offer him a new short term deal?  Either way, this isn’t a deal that will matter all that much to the birds’ chances in 2022.

  • Andre Chachere, CB

    Chachere was a mid-season acquisition who never played much outside of special teams. He’s not likely to be a huge target for a re-sign this offseason.

  • Nate Herbig, G

    Herbig played some important games for the birds this year, and has proven he is a good depth option for an NFL team. A middling franchise may look to sign the 23 year old Herbig away in hopes of him developing into a starter someday, and if that’s the case the Eagles would most likely let him walk. They still have a strong offensive line, and the depth Herbig brought is replaceable.