St Patrick’s Day is March 17th and it has everyone looking to grab some Lucky Charms, a Guiness, and praying to Bono for some luck of the Irish. Baseball fans got lucky when the lockout ended last week and baseball is officially back! But it had the folks at wondering what teams since 1995 (the last work stoppage) were the unluckiest teams.

Here is their criteria:

They examined every team since 1995 that won at least 60% of its regular-season games but did not go on to win the World Series. We gave each team one point for each regular season win, postseason win (PSW), each All-Star, each Hall of Famer, and each projected Hall of Famer not currently eligible.

  • 2001 Mariners - 130 points

    This team was LOADED. They had 116 wins and lost to the Yankees in the ALCS.

  • 2019 Astros - 124 Points

    They were cheaters, so how “unlucky” are they really?

  • 1998 Braves - 121 Points

    106 wins and a historically good rotation. But it wasnt good enough to win it all. As a Phillies fan I think thats a real shame….

  • 2017 Dodgers - 121 Points

    They lost to cheaters. So they really are unlucky

  • 2004 Yankees - 119 Points

    The Yankees didnt win the World Series. Unlucky for them, lucky for the rest of us.

  • 1995 Indians - 118 Points

    They had an incredible lineup….that wasnt a match for the Braves.

  • 2003 Yankees - 118 Points

    Over 100 wins….not good enough. HA! Nerds!

  • 2021 Dodgers - 118 Points

    Considering this list takes into account Hall of Famers, and most of these players are still active, this team could one day end up as the most unlucky team.

  • 1997 Braves - 117 Points

    This is a trend with the Glavine, Smoltz, Maddox combo. Incredible teams and only 1 ring to show for it.

  • 2004 Cardinals - 116 Points

    No one is crying for an “unlucky” St. Louis team. They win enough

  • 2002 Yankees - 114 Points

    See above. Because no one is crying that a Yankees team was “unlucky”

  • 2003 Braves - 113 Points

    101 win team that couldnt get out of the NLDS. Lost to a Cubs team that ended up getting “Bartman’d”

  • 2018 Astros - 113 Points

    This may have been the point where they started strapping buzzers onto their bodies and banging trash cans. 103 wins and no World Series will do that.

  • 2021 Giants - 113 Points

    This would have hurt. After being fired by the Phillies the fan base would have to watch Gabe Kapler hoist a World Series trophy….thank god they were “unlucky”

  • 1998 Padres - 112 Points

    What is truly unlucky is the great Tony Gwynn never got a World Series ring. And this was his one chance.

  • 2005 Cardinals - 112 Points

    Derailed in the NLCS by a loaded Astros team. Dont worry, the Cardinals eventually got one.

  • 2002 Braves - 111 Points

    Bobby Cox must have been the most “unlucky” manager of all time….or overrated. One of the two.

  • 2019 Yankees - 111 Points

    Another loaded Yankees team that failed to reach it all. Its a beautiful thing!

  • 1997 Orioles - 110 Points

    Pat Gillick constructed this team and they were great, but he didnt win. His time would come 11 years later.

  • 2011 Phillies - 110 Points

    This hurts…..hurts bad.