The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

Yesterday on The Best Show Ever got pretty serious. Hunter Brody was put on trial. It all started on Wednesday during a normal game of 10-second songs. The point of the game being to see if people can guess the song just by listening to the first 10 seconds of it. As they usually do, at the end of the show they did a lightning round to pit Ricky Bo, Jen Scordo, and Hunter Brody against each other.

Hunter Brody shocked everyone by getting the song “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton. What made it shocking is, if you didn’t know, Hunter is usually quite bad at the game. So for him to get a song that came out 20 years before he was born, when he has missed songs in his wheelhouse in the past, was surprising. But they thought nothing of it at the time. Ricky wound up winning the game. But because of getting Loving You, Hunter finished in a tie with Jen Scordo. It seemed like that was that.

The next day though, some troubling accusations came out. Multiple people reached out to Tyrone accusing Hunter of cheating to get Loving You correct. It spurned an investigation, and that led to The Trial of Hunter Brody. Evidence was submitted, and Hunter had to face his 3 show mates and defend himself from these accusations. The trial included witnesses called to the stand, video evidence and a bombshell admission from Ricky Bo that turned the trial on its head.

Here is how all of that went down


  • Exhibit A: Could Not Sing Any Other Parts of the Song

    One of the ways they gave Hunter a chance to exonerate himself was to show he actually knew the song. They played a random portion of the song, to see if he could follow along. But Hunter just mumbled the chorus. Hunter argued that the only part he knows is the chorus. But it was not the best of starts for Hunter in trying to prove his innocence.

  • First Witness- Dylan MacKinnon, the accused coconspirator

    One of the ways they thought Hunter may have cheated, is by saying one of the producers on the show, Dylan MacKinnon (the person actually writing this just for the sack of honesty) had written the answer Loving You on the screen so Hunter could see it. So I was made to take the stand to face questioning.

  • Character Witnesses- The Callers are on Hunter's Side

    But it was not just Tyrone, Ricky, and Jen who got to speak. Many callers gave their thoughts. The surprising part, they were almost exclusively on Hunter Brody’s side. Even Laura from Rockledge, a famous Hunter hater, called in to speak to his innocence. Some did question how he would know the song when he usually struggles even with songs that came out in his lifetime. But overall they were all staunch defenders of Hunter.

  • VAR Shows Hunter Did Look Down at Something

    They went to video replay. Dan Roche, the tv side producer, went back and looked at what Hunter was doing before he got the answer. And while they could not determine what Hunter was looking at, they did see that Hunter looked down from the camera, just before he came up with the right answer.

  • Ricky Bo Drops a Bombshell

    Just when it looked like the trial was going one way, Ricky Bo dropped a bomb. Right before he left the show to head over to Pre-Game Live, he came out and admitted that it was him who helped Hunter Brody. He claimed that he texted Hunter the answer. A claim Hunter continued to deny. But it turned the trial on its head.

    It is not often in a trial the prosecutor just stands up, says “Actually, I did it” and then leaves the courtroom.

  • The Verdict: Tyrone Finds Both Hunter and Ricky Guilty

    As Tyrone said many times, this was not a court of Law. it was the court of Common Sense. And while maybe there was no hard evidence that Hunter cheated, Tyrone ruled that it was obvious that there was no way Hunter could have gotten the answer without help. So he ruled that Hunter was guilty, as was Ricky Bo as his co-conspirator.

  • Listen to the Full Trial Below

  • Did they get it right?

    Did Hunter deserve to be found guilty? Or was he the victim of a corrupt court like so many seem to think. Let us know what you think. And now that he has been found guilty, would should the sentence be?

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