Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

LAKE PLACID, NY - FEB 22: Team USA celebrates their 4-3 victory over the Soviet Union in the semi-final Men's Ice Hockey event at the Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York on February 22, 1980. The game was dubbed "the Miracle on Ice". The USA went on to win the gold medal by defeating Finland 4-2 in the gold medal game.

There are many memorable moments in sports history. But it is not just the players on the field that make those moments memorable, but the people who call those moments. The miracle on ice was great. but what made it better was Al Michael’s call of “Do you believe in miracles?” George Foreman knocking out Joe Frazier is made even better by Howard Cossell screaming ” Down goes Frazier”. And just last week was the anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. Which is why today in The Audio Vault, Andrew decided to play some of the most memorable sports calls of all time.

We in Philly know well that great moments need great calls. Go back to the Eagles Super Bowl. We are often disappointed by the unenthused calls by Al Michaels on plays like The Philly Special. Because of him, the TV call of the moment the Eagles win has no excitement. Though thankfully we still have Kevin Harlan’s calls to make up for it. We still playback Joe Davis’s “The Swing of his life” call from Bryce Harper’s home run. Even if he did ruin it a bit by using the same call for future moments. These calls make the moments that much better.

So what are some of the most memorable calls in Sports history? Andrew gathered a bunch of them to play in The Audio Vault today. From hockey, College Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, golf, and more. Here are all the calls Andrew pulled from the Vault to play for us today. Including iconic moments like the Miracle on Ice, George Foreman Beating Joe Frazier, The Shot Heard Round the World, a couple of buzzer beaters in the NCAA Tournament, and more.

And at the bottom, you can listen to the full segment with Anthony and Andrew’s reactions to each call.

  • Al Michaels- "Do you believe in Miracles?"

  • Barry Tompkins- The Band is on the Field

  • Russ Hodges "The Shot Heard round The World"

  • Howard Cosell- "Down goes Frazier"

  • Jack Buck- "Go Crazy Folks, Go Crazy"

  • Jack Buck- "I Don't Believe What I Just Saw"

  • Vin Scully- "In a year that has been improbable, the impossible has happened"

  • Vin Scully- "It gets through Buckner"

  • Jim Nantz- Kris Jenkins Game Winner

  • Verne Lundquist- "Oh My Goodness"

  • Verne Lundquist- Laettner Game Winner

  • Listen to the full Audio Vault below

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