Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

Today is April 1st. It is April Fool’s Day. A day that made you laugh up until the 3rd grade. Now, it is just annoying ESPECIALLY if you are a sports fan. The number of fake tweets that go viral about players being traded, released, hurt, or making comments about teammates that aren’t true. For 5 seconds you think it is real, your heart is pounding, and then you realize it is tweeted by Adam Schlefter or Ian Rapapoop. April Fools Day is a bigger joke than the jokes that are actually made. Here are my top 5 holidays that lead to 0 days off:

  • 5) Father's Day

    I got to spend a very special Sunday last June. It was my first Father’s Day being a dad. My wife woke me up by putting my beautiful baby boy on my chest and a Worlds Best Dad mug on the nightstand. I had beers while watching the Phillies (unfortunately lose) during the afternoon. I grilled myself a steak. Everything was perfect. Why is it number 5? Because that was my first fathers day. From here on out, no one cares. As my mom used to “jokingly” say to my dad when I was a kid, “Happy Father’s day, now get to work.”

  • 4) St Patrick's Day

    Are you Irish? St. Patricks Day is awesome. Are you not Irish? St. Patricks Day is awesome. This year it couldn’t have been better as it took place during the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Beers, food, and basketball. How can you beat that? A day that also carries into the weekend and the party doesn’t stop. 

  • 3) Cinco De Mayo

    May 5th is a special day in my life. I took my last final at Temple on May 5th, 2016. It was a 5 o’clock class. I passed, and I smelled of tequila the entire time. Cinco De Mayo is ranked higher than St Patricks Day only because of the time of year. Obviously, both St. Patricks Day and Cinco De Mayo have deeper meanings than just day drinking and taking days off from work to party, but in terms of this award-winning article, I’m talking about the hype that surrounds it.

  • 2) Mother's Day

    Father’s Day comes in at number 5 because it is special for 5 minutes. Mother’s Day comes in at number 2 because it is special for 2 days. What starts as you picking some dandelions from the backyard and giving them to your mom, turns into you finding a legit gift from you “and a gift from Cooper.” As a self-diagnosed Mamas Boy and a big fan of the song “I’ll Always Love my Momma”, I almost love Mother’s Day more for my Mom and now my wife because they deserve every bit of the spoils that they get. 

  • 1) Halloween

    Halloween will forever be a one seed. I could argue that it would be near the top if we added national and religious holidays. You don’t have to love candy to love Halloween. As a kid, the joy of dressing up every year, or wearing the same baseball uniform for 10 years like I did is enough to get you fired up. Then you are hopped up on copious amounts of sugar. But it doesn’t just provide happiness as a child. Then you go to college… I will leave it at that. If you know, you know. And now that I am slowing down and sit in my driveway giving out candy to the kids, I have officially implemented myself as the cool neighbor who has a separate table for the parents filled with holiday cheer to help you get through the rest of the night. Whether you dress up or not, Halloween will forever be a party.

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