LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - APRIL 28: (L-R) Jordan Davis poses with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell onstage after being selected 13th by the Philadelphia Eagles during round one of the 2022 NFL Draft on April 28, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By Dylan MacKinnon

The draft is in the books. And now, we look forward to the season. There could still be some moves on the horizon. But for the most part, the players on the roster now will be the players who show up to training camp. Who among them will make the final 53-man roster though?

A lot of them are obvious locks. We all know Jalen Hurts, Lane Johnson, and Darius Slay are going to be on the Eagles’ week 1. But further down the roster, there are some interesting questions. How many of the players in this UDFA class will make the final roster? Could the Eagles still add a CB or Safety? Will names like Jalen Reagor or Andre Dillard eventually be moved? And what under-the-radar players have a chance to win a job in camp?

There is still a long time before those cuts need to happen. But it is worth taking a look at what the final roster may look like. I am going to try and predict who will make the final 53-man roster. Complete with some surprising cuts, some unexpected players making the team, and some players who aren’t even on the team yet. I will also try to predict who will make the Practice Squad as well.


  • Quarterback (3)

    Jalen Hurts

    (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

    1. Jalen Hurts- The Eagles have shown a full commitment to him this offseason, and even went out and traded for his close friend A.J. Brown. Hurts will get every chance to prove he is the long-term answer at QB this year.
    2. Gardner Minshew– Minshew may be moved if a team makes a good offer. But unless it is a very good offer, Minshew is more valuable as a backup than a trade piece. The Eagles have no other suitable option at backup, and with Hurts being a QB who runs a lot, they need an insurance policy.
    3. Carson Strong– Strong has a very promising arm. They also gave him a very rich contract for a UDFA. His upside will be enough to stash him for a year and see what he becomes. Due to his knee issues, they may even get away with putting him on the IR and not wasting a roster spot.
  • Wide Receiver (5)

    AJ Brown

    (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

    1. AJ Brown- The Eagles used one of their first-round picks to acquire Brown, and then gave him a big extension. He is going to lead the WR groups
    2. Devonta Smith– The Brown trade may eat into his targets a bit. But on the whole, it will benefit him greatly. He is going to see a lot of single coverage.
    3. Quez Watkins- Watkins didn’t put up amazing numbers last year, but he was still impressive. Being the 3rd Best WR on the team is a role that better suits him.
    4. Zach Pascal- They brought Pascal in because Sirianni loves him, and he is a solid backup WR. He won’t make a huge impact but could fill a similar role to Greg Ward last year.
    5. Britain Covey- It has been a while since the Eagles had even a decent punt returner. Covey excelled as a Return Specialist in college. It’s doubtful he would make an impact at WR, but he could make the roster to take Kick and Punt Returns.


    Surprise Cuts


    1. Greg Ward Jr- Ward has been a steady presence on this roster for a couple of years. He filled his role as a backup WR admirably. But it feels like they brought in Pascal to take over that role. Ward may be on the outs come September unless the Eagles Keep 6 WRS.
    2. Jalen Reagor- Ok, you don’t need the word surprise for this one. Reagor has been a disaster of a first-round pick. He is not untalented, but they have not found a way to bring out that talent, and it’s best for both sides if there is a split.


    Practice Squad Options


    1. Devon Allen– Allen is an interesting off-season addition. The track star hasn’t played football in a few years, but he is very fast. I can’t see him making the roster, but he is probably worth stashing on the practice squad to see if he can become an NFL WR.
  • Runningbacks (4)

    Miles Sanders

    (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

    1. Miles Sanders- Sanders will be the lead back for the Eagles. This may be his last year because he is set to be a free agent and may be too expensive for the Eagles. But as long as he is here, he will start.
    2. Boston Scott- Scott returned on a  1-year deal. He has been a steady presence, at at times a capable starter when Sanders is hurt. He should play a big part in the Eagles rotation.
    3. Kenny Gainwell- Gainwell had an impressive rookie year. He scored 5 TDs, and racked up 500 combined yards. That role should grow in year 2.
    4. Kennedy Brooks- Brooks was very productive at Oklahoma. He isn’t very explosive, but he is a smart runner who takes what his blockers give him. That trait should help him fit in behind this O-Line


    Practice Squad Options


    1. Jason Huntley- The Eagles brought in Huntley last year just before the season. He failed  to impress in limited snaps. But the Eagles don’t have anyone else at RB aright now, and may want to keep someone in reserve on the practice squad in case there is an injury.
  • Tight Ends (4)

    Dallas Goedert

    (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

    1. Dallas Goedert– Goedert recently got a massive extension, and has since been among the most productive Tight ends in the NFL.
    2. Grant Calcaterra– They invested a 6th-round pick in him because they love his catching ability. He might get a sizable role when the Eagles run Two TE sets. He won’t put up huge production, but think Gainwell last year, except at TE.
    3. Tyree Jackson- The Eagles seem to really like Jackson. He showed up big in training camp last year, but got hurt, and never really got back. Hopefully, he stays healthy and gets a chance to play some this year.
    4. Jack Stoll– None of the above names can block very well. The Eagles need a TE who can block, so Stoll stays on.


    1. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside- The move to TE is a last-ditch desperate act to make him work here. It won’t pan out.
  • Offensive Line (10)

    Mailata and Dickerson

    (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

    1. Jordan Mailata– Mailata will try to follow up his great first year at LT with an even better one.
    2. Landon Dickerson– When drafted many thought he was the future at Center. But he was so good last year at LG, he is going to be sticking there.
    3. Jason Kelce– Kelce will go for his 5th All-Pro Team appearance, in what may be his final year.
    4. Isaac Seumalo– Seumalo has been a starter for a while now. And while he is a lock to make the roster, he will have to compete for the RG spot.
    5. Lane Johnson– Johnson will look to follow up making the All-Pro Team last year in his 10th season as the Eagle’s starting RT
    6. Jack Driscoll- Driscoll filled in as the starter at LG for much of last year and played pretty well. He will push Seumalo for the starting spot. Even if he doesn’t, his ability to play 4 spots on the line makes him a lock to be rostered
    7. Cam Jurgens- The Eagles 2nd round pick, and future starting center. He will backup Kelce. But any thought of him pushing for the starting LG spot goes out the window when you realize he has zero experience playing Guard or Tackle. The only chance he touches the field is if Kelce comes out.
    8. Sua Opeta- Opeta got some experience last year, and has positional versatility. I feel like I am repeating myself, but it is clear what the Eagles value.
    9. Kayode Awosika- Awosika was the Eagles project at O-Line last year, and spent the season on the practice squad being coached up by Stoutland. He will be promoted from Practice Squad to Bench player this year.
    10. Brett Toth- Toth got some chance to play last year, and handled himself pretty well all things considered. Another guy who can play all over the line.




    1. Andre Dillard- It feels like Dillard will eventually be moved. The Eagles won’t get back much, but it’s better than burying him on the bench.


    Practice Squad


    1. William Dunkle– A promising UDFA, but he has only ever played one position, and has too many proven backups ahead of him. But worth stashing on the practice squad.
    2. Josh Sills– See everything said about Dunkle.
  • Defensive End (5)

    Hasson Reddick

    (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

    1. Hasson Reddick– He is technically listed as a linebacker because he played as a linebacker in the Panthers 3-4 scheme. He may play a bit of linebacker and a bit of DE the way Micah Parsons does with Dallas. But he will be a pass rusher on most snaps so I am listing him at DE.
    2. Josh Sweat- Sweat was resigned to an extension last year, and is coming off a career year. He will again play a big role in the Eagles’ Pass Rush rotation.
    3. Brandon Graham– It is unclear how Graham will look coming off his injury. But regardless he will have a role to play in this defense. Even if it is reduced.
    4. Derek Barnett- Fans won’t be happy, but Barnett will still be an Eagle this year. Expect him to rotate in and out, but he will be behind Reddick, Sweat, and Graham.
    5. Tarron Jackson- Jackson is the only DE who registered a sack last year other than Sweat and Barnett. They didn’t draft, or sign anyone better that would replace him, so Jackson should get another chance to impress as a backup DE.
  • Defensive Tackle (4)

    Jordan Davis

    (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

    1. Fletcher Cox- Cox was cut and resigned this offseason to lessen his cap hit a bit. But it may be his final year. With a deeper DT room, he may be used more sparingly, but he will still play a big role.
    2. Javon Hargrave- Hargrave will start and again be one of the primary DTs they use, but with Davis and Williams behind him, he may get rest a bit more often to keep him fresh.
    3. Jordan Davis– 1st Round pick Davis will certainly play a big part in the rotation. His snaps at Georgia were limited, and while he will likely get more in Philly, expect him to still rotate in and out.
    4. Milton Williams- Williams showed promise last year. He has a deep DT room to compete with, but his versatility allows him to slide to DE as well. Should have a slightly larger role in year 2.


    Practice Squad


    1. Noah Elliss- UDFA Elliss doesn’t have a clear spot on the roster, especially since he is not a pass rusher. But they gave him good money for a UDFA, and would likely stash him on the Practice Squad.
  • Linebacker (6)

    Kyzir White

    (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)

    1. Kyzir White- Maybe the most under-rated addition of the offseason. White is a very solid linebacker who will help both against the run and in coverage.
    2. Nakobe Dean- Steal of the draft. We still don’t have a straight answer on the mysterious injury that made him fall. But the Eagles seem confident he is good to go.
    3. TJ Edwards- The additions of Dean and White will help Edwards a ton. It will let them focus him on what he does well. He was pretty good at defending the run last year.
    4. Davion Taylor-Taylor started to show some flashes last year before he was injured. He is still raw, but the potential is there. With Dean, White, and Edwards ahead of him, it is unclear how much of a role he gets, but he will get a chance to earn one.
    5. Shaun Bradley- He won’t get to play much linebacker, but he was a special teams ace for them last year, and that is enough to hold onto him.
    6. Kyron Johnson- Keeping 6 linebackers is a lot, and even if they do he will have stiff competition for the final spot. But after spending a 6th on him they will want to give him a chance. He will mostly play special teams year-one though.


    Practice Squad


    1. Patrick Johnson- Johnson has a ton of potential and would be a tough cut. Hopefully, they can manage to keep him on the practice squad.
    2. JaCoby Stevens- See Johnson above.
  • Cornerback (5)

    Darius Slay

    (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

    1. Darius Slay- Slay was one of the best CBs in the league last year. For now he is the only reliable outside corner on the roster.
    2. Avonte Maddox- Maddox was tremendous in the slot last year. It was a big bounce back after he struggled on the outside the prior year.
    3. Zech McPhearson- The former 4th round pick did not get many chances last year. We don’t know who he is yet, but we are going to find out.
    4. Josh Jobe- One of three corners added as a UDFA. Since they didn’t draft a corner, at least one of them will make the 53 man roster. My current bet is on Josh Jobe.
    5. A Free Agent Signing (Kevin King?)- They have to add someone. Even if its just another move like Steven Nelson was last year. Kevin King makes a ton of sense. Is he a star? No. But it is better than throwing someone inexperienced like McPhearson to the wolves.

    Practice Squad


    1. Mario Goodrich- Goodrich will compete with Jobe for a job. I am predicting Job wins it, but it could be Goodrich. if not they would put him on the practice squad, provided another team doesn’t snatch him when they try. Its also possible they keep both and make a cut elsewhere.
    2. Josh Blackwell– Another UDFA corner, but he starts out behind the ball from the other two. Still he will get a chance.


  • Safety (4)

    Anthony Harris

    (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

    1. Anthony Harris- Anthony Harris was fine last year. Not great, not bad. Pretty much average. But the Eagles failed to upgrade at Safety, and lose Rodney McLeod, so Harris is their best option.
    2. Marcus Epps– Epps was solid as a backup last year. Him being a starter would not be ideal, but it might be a realistic outcome. Either way, he will be on the team again. Hopefully as a backup again.
    3. Reed Blankenship- Blankenship was the lone safety they added draft weekend. I don’t know how ready he is, but he will compete with names like K’Von Wallace and Jared Mayden for a spot. Neither of those two have impressed enough to call locks. I can see Reed beating them out
    4. Free Agent (Landon Collins?)– Ideally the Eagles will sign someone. They almost have to. Going into the season with the Safety room they have could holdback an otherwise promising defense. Collins is not a great option, but he has starting experience, and might be their best option.

    Practice Squad

    1. K’Von Wallace– If Wallace does get beaten out by Blankenship, he will either be picked up elsewhere, or make the practice squad. But after getting hyped up by fans after being drafted, he has yet to make a mark. He has a lot to prove in camp.
  • Special Teams (3)

    Jake Elliott

    (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

    1. Jake Elliott– Elliott bounced back really well last year after struggling the prior year. He will be kicking for the Eagles again this year after hitting every extra point attempt, and 90% of his field goals.
    2. Michael Palardy- The Eagles cannot go into this season with Arryn Siposs again. He showed promise early, but fell off, and ended up being among the worst punters in the league. There are still solid punter available in free agency. Michael Palardy is capable punter who landed 31 punts inside the 20, good for 3rd in the league.
    3. Rick Lovato- Lovato is as reliable as Long Snappers come. I don’t remember a single bad snap from him. No reason to move off him.


  • Full Depth Chart

    QB Jalen Hurts Gardner Minshew Carson Strong
    WR1 AJ Brown Quez Watkins Britain Covey
    WR2 Devonta Smith Zach Pascal
    RB Miles Sanders Boston Scott Kenny Gainwell Kennedy Brooks
    TE Dallas Goedert Grant Calcaterra Tyree Jackson Jack Stoll
    LT Jordan Mailata Sua Opeta
    LG Landon Dickerson Brett Toth
    C Jason Kelce Cam Jurgens
    RG Isaac Seumalo Jack Driscoll
    RT Lane Johnson Kayode Awosika
    DE Hasson Reddick Brandon Graham Tarron Jackson
    DE Josh Sweat Derek Barnett
    DT Fletcher Cox Jordan Davis
    DT Javon Hargrave Milton Williams
    WLB Kyzir White Davion Taylor
    MLB Nakobe Dean Shaun Bradley
    SLB TJ Edwards Kyron Johnson
    CB Darius Slay Kevin King Josh Jobe
    CB Avonte Maddox Zech McPhearson
    FS Marcus Epps Reed Blackenship
    SS Anthony Harris Landon Collins
    K Jake Elliott
    P Michael Palardy
    LS Rick Lovato

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