PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 01: The Philly Phanatic dances before the game between the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies on Opening Day at Citizens Bank Park on April 1, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Phillies won 3-2. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

The Phillies will play EVERY team in 2023 thanks to the new MLB format. Who will be on the team? We have no idea. Will they be any good? We sure hope so. But here is when, and where the 2023 Phillies will be next season! Plan accordingly.

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  • March

    March 30th @ Texas Rangers

  • April

    April 1st @ Texas Rangers

    April 2nd @ Texas Rangers

    April 3rd @ New York Yankees

    April 4th @ New York Yankees

    April 5th @ New York Yankees

    April 6th VS Cincinnati Reds (HOME OPENER)

    April 8th VS Cincinnati Reds

    April 9th VS Cincinnati Reds

    April 10th VS Miami Marlins

    April 11th VS Miami Marlins

    April 12th VS Miami Marlins

    April 13th @ Cincinnati Reds

    April 14th @ Cincinnati Reds

    April 15th @ Cincinnati Reds

    April 16th @ Cincinnati Reds

    April 17th @ Chicago White Sox

    April 18th @ Chicago White Sox

    April 19th @ Chicago White Sox

    April 20th VS Colorado Rockies

    April 21st VS Colorado Rockies

    April 22nd VS Colorado Rockies

    April 23rd VS Colorado Rockies

    April 25th VS Seattle Mariners

    April 26th VS Seattle Mariners

    April 27th VS Seattle Mariners

    April 28nd @ Houston Astros

    April 29th @ Houston Astros

    April 30th @ Houston Astros

  • May

    May 1st @ Los Angeles Dodgers

    May 2nd @ Los Angeles Dodgers

    May 3rd @ Los Angeles Dodgers

    May 5th VS Boston Red Sox

    May 6th VS Boston Red Sox

    May 7th VS Boston Red Sox

    May 9th VS Toronto Blue Jays

    May 10th VS Toronto Blue Jays

    May 12th @ Colorado Rockies

    May 13th @ Colorado Rockies

    May 14th @ Colorado Rockies

    May 15th @ San Francisco Giants

    May 16th @ San Francisco Giants

    May 17th @ San Francisco Giants

    May 19th VS Chicago Cubs

    May 20th VS Chicago Cubs

    May 21st VS Chicago Cubs

    May 22nd VS Arizona Diamondbacks

    May 23rd VS Arizona Diamondbacks

    May 24th VS Arizona Diamondbacks

    May 25th @ Atlanta Braves

    May 26th @ Atlanta Braves

    May 27th @ Atlanta Braves

    May 28th @ Atlanta Braves

    May 30th @ New York Mets

    May 31st @ New York Mets

  • June

    June 1st @ New York Mets

    June 2nd @ Washington Nationals

    June 3rd @ Washington Nationals

    June 4th @ Washington Nationals

    June 5th VS Detroit Tigers

    June 6th VS Detroit Tigers

    June 7th VS Detroit Tigers

    June 9th VS Los Angeles Dodgers

    June 10th VS Los Angeles Dodgers

    June 11th VS Los Angeles Dodgers

    June 12th @ Arizona Diamondbacks

    June 13th @ Arizona Diamondbacks

    June 14th @ Arizona Diamondbacks

    June 15th @ Arizona Diamondbacks

    June 16th @ Oakland A’s

    June 17th @ Oakland A’s

    June 18th @ Oakland A’s

    June 20th VS Atlanta Braves

    June 21st VS Atlanta Braves

    June 22nd VS Atlanta Braves

    June 23rd VS New York Mets

    June 24th VS New York Mets

    June 25th VS New York Mets

    June 27th VS Chicago Cubs

    June 28th VS Chicago Cubs

    June 29th VS Chicago Cubs

    June 30th VS  Washington Nationals

  • July

    July 1st VS Washington Nationals

    July 2nd VS Washington Nationals

    July 4th @ Tampa Bay Rays

    July 5th @ Tampa Bay Rays

    July 6th @ Tampa Bay Rays

    July 7th @ Miami Marlins

    July 8th @ Miami Marlins

    July 9th @ Miami Marlins

    July 14th VS San Diego Padres

    July 15th VS San Diego Padres (DOUBLE HEADER)

    July 16th VS San Diego Padres

    July 18th VS Milwaukee Brewers

    July 19th VS Milwaukee Brewers

    July 20th VS Milwaukee Brewers

    July 21st @ Cleveland Guardians

    July 22nd @ Cleveland Guardians

    July 23rd @ Cleveland Guardians

    July 24th VS Baltimore Orioles

    July 25th VS Baltimore Orioles

    July 26th VS Baltimore Orioles

    July 28th @ Pittsburgh Pirates

    July 29th @ Pittsburgh Pirates

    July 30th @ Pittsburgh Pirates

    July 31st @ Miami Marlins

  • August

    August 1st @ Miami Marlins

    August 2nd @ Miami Marlins

    August 3rd @ Miami Marlins

    August 4th VS Kansas City Royals

    August 5th VS Kansas City Royals

    August 6th VS Kansas City Royals

    August 7th VS Kansas City Royals

    August 8th VS Washington Nationals

    August 9th VS Washington Nationals

    August 10th VS Washington Nationals

    August 11th VS Minnesota Twins

    August 12th VS Minnesota Twins

    August 13th VS Minnesota Twins

    August 15th @ Toronto Bluejays

    August 16th @ Toronto Bluejays

    August 18th @ Washington Nationals

    August 19th @ Washington Nationals

    August 20th @ Washington Nationals (Williamsport Game)

    August 21 VS San Francisco Giants

    August 22nd VS San Francisco Giants

    August 23rd VS San Francisco Giants

    August 25th VS St Louis Cardinals

    August 26th VS St Louis Cardinals

    August 27th VS St Louis Cardinals

    August 28th VS Los Angeles Angels

    August 29th VS Los Angeles Angels

    August 30th VS Los Angeles Angels

  • September

    September 1st @ Milwaukee Brewers

    September 2nd @ Milwaukee Brewers

    September 3rd @ Milwaukee Brewers

    September 4th @ San Diego Padres

    September 5th @ San Diego Padres

    September 6th @ San Diego Padres

    September 8th VS Miami Marlins

    September 9th VS Miami Marlins

    September 10th VS Miami Marlins

    September 12th VS Atlanta Braves

    September 13th VS Atlanta Braves

    September 14th VS Atlanta Braves

    September 15th @ St Louis Cardinals

    September 16th @ St Louis Cardinals

    September 17th @ St Louis Cardinals

    September 18th @ Atlanta Braves

    September 19th @ Atlanta Braves

    September 20th @ Atlanta Braves

    September 21st VS New York Mets

    September 22nd VS New York Mets

    September 23rd VS New York Mets

    September 24th VS New York Mets

    September 26th VS Pittsburgh Pirates

    September 27th VS Pittsburgh Pirates

    September 28th VS Pittsburgh Pirates

    September 29th @ New York Mets

    September 30th @ New York Mets


  • October

    October 1st @ New York Mets

    Then Playoffs

    Then around Halloween we hold a parade

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