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While mindlessly scrolling through Twitter yesterday, I saw a video of Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill trying a donut for the first time in his life. It amazed me that a 30-year-old tried something as simple and delicious as a donut for the first time ever. That is when I started to think what it would be like to try food for the first time in my life at my current age of 30 (clearly me and Tyreek Hill have accomplished the same in our respective careers).  

Which Food Item Do You Want To Try Again For The 1st Time?

We discussed this earlier today on Kincade and Salciunas, but I wanted to turn this into a station-wide topic, so I reached out to my fellow Fanatics. So I asked everyone the same question. If you were to try something for the first time in your life, at the age you are at, what would it be?  

A lot of the foods that were answered were favorite foods. A lot of the foods were also items we tried when we were kids. As kids, we never got to truly appreciate the flavor of these items. We ate them because they were put in front of us, they tasted better than the broccoli that was put on the side of the plate, and our parents knew we would eat it so they kept feeding us that. That is what I am going through now with my son Cooper. When in doubt, give him Mac and Cheese, and he will eat.  

Some of the answers that you will read are typical, like mine will be, but others will catch you off guard. Hopefully you aren’t hungry while you are reading this because this is only going to make things worse for you. If you aren’t hungry, but are thinking what to have for dinner, you are welcome for the ideas. 

Here Is The Food Every Fanatic Employee Wants To Try Again For the 1st Time

  • John Kincade – Steak

    This answer you will read a few times, but a GOOD steak is something that puts a smile on anyone’s face. We aren’t talking about the burnt steak that a family member may give you or a bad piece of meat you will get from a chain restaurant, we are talking about a high-end steak that leaves your mouth watering.

    LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 17:  A general view of food prepared by London chef and former Olympian Francis Agyepong during a Sainsbury's event to demonstrate the perfect meal for athletes at Christopher's restaurant on February 17,  2015 in London, England. Agyepong worked with Sainsbury's and British Athletics to serve an 8oz New York strip sirloin steak accompanied by sweet potato mash, kale, samphire, mange tout and broccoli


  • Andrew Salciunas – Pizza

    Hi, it’s me. So many of us had pizza Friday’s growing up whether it was at school or at home. We had so many different variations of pizza. Pizza is delicious. You can never go wrong with a slice of pizza… imagine being 30 years old, really appreciating food, and taking a bite of pizza for the first time. 

    A pizza pie, with one slice on a paper plate - food

    (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images )

  • Connor Thomas – Reese's Cups

    A+ answer by Connor here. Few people answered with a sweet, but this is incredible. I have probably eaten 500 Reese’s Cups in my life. They are so easy to buy and eat a lot of. I wish I remembered what it tasted like the first time I ever had one. 

  • Haley Taylor Simon – Lobster

    I’m sorry. Lobster is the most overrated food item in the world. I like lobster, but the way it is talked about as if it is some religious delicacy… it falls far short of expectations. But this is Haley’s answer, not mine. 

    Steamed red lobster on a wooden cutting board with parsley and lemon

  • Brendan Gunn- – Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak

    Did not expect anyone to give this answer. Cheesesteak? Sure. Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak? Was not ready for that, but damn do I respect it. 99 times out of 100 I am going with a normal cheesesteak, but I will mess around with one of these once in a while.

  • Bob Cooney – Crabs

    I have a lot of family that lives in Baltimore, I totally get where Bob is coming from here. There is also something special to eating a crab that you personally caught. And the best reason, as Bob and I talked about during the crossover today, is the amount of time you can spend sitting down, cracking open, eating the crabs, and drinking beer.

    crabs on a plate

  • Ray Dunne – Gnocchi

    Wow. Was NOT ready for this. This was not a typical response but I love it. Gnocchi done right is an incredible item. I just need to know if Ray is eating it with any specific sauces or sides.

    TURIN, ITALY - JANUARY 08: Piemonte and tradition: the taste of artisanal pasta. Acqui Terme.

  • Amy Fadool – Crème brûlée

    Not going to lie, this made me rethink my answer. I like sweets more than savory foods. When this dessert is done right, to die for. As Amy said in the text to me “perfect crunchy and then smooth.” Spot on Amy.

    In this handout photo provided by the Cherry Marketing Institute, Creme Brulee with Tart Cherry Compote.

  • Bill Colarulo – Grandmom’s Gravy

    I was waiting for an answer like this. Not something that we could all try, but something to your family and upbringing. The only thing I take offense to is that Bill put in parentheses “tomato sauce” as if I don’t know what he is talking about.

    Mariana sauce simmering in pan

  • Tyrone Johnson – Lasagna

    I don’t think I have ever had a bad lasagna. I think I had it on a plane once and even liked it. Then again, I am a human garbage disposal and will eat and like anything. And for all you non red eat meaters out there, lasagna with ground chicken or turkey is delicious too.

    Lasagna on a plate

  • Ricky Bo- Didn't Answer

    Ricky didn’t answer. I need to leave the office at some point. So I will answer for him. Anything from Wawa.

    WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 29: A Wawa store is seen on May 29, 2024 in Washington, DC. The convenience store and gas station chain, which has its origins in Pennsylvania, recently opened its first store in North Carolina with 10 more expected across the state this year. It aims to open up to 100 new stores each year, reaching 2,000 stores by 2030.

  • Sylvana Kelleher – Crabs

    Our first repeat answer! Sylvana and Bob Cooney going with crabs. Maybe our next Fanatic event will include crabs and beers… hey corporate! You reading this? This a great idea.

    Crabs in a pot

  • Dylan Mackinnon – Mac and Cheese

    For those who don’t know, Dylan is an incredible cook. I have never tried his Mac and Cheese, but I will guess that it is amazing. Mac and Cheese is a childhood staple. To be able to try that for the first time in your adult years would be life-changing

    Mac and cheese

  • Kevin Cooney – Salmon

    Another item from the sea, but not something I expected someone to answer with. I love salmon. There are so many ways to make it.

    BBq Salmon

  • Tom Alvord – Steak and Mashed Potatoes

    Steak alone is a great answer. Snobs out there will tell you not to do this, but dipping the steak into some good mashed potatoes is hard to beat. Maybe this will be served at the Alvord wedding.

    Grilled Medium Rare top sirloin beef steak or rump steak on a steel tray. Dark background. Top view.

  • Matt Minarik- Tres Leches Cake

    I know someone who can make a mean Tres Leches. This was a bust-out answer. But it is a very good one.

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