By Connor Thomas


As the NFL postseason continues, the Eagles have already unfortunately moved on to their offseason. What that means is it’s time to shift focus from opponents and game plans to new acquisitions. With that in mind, I’ll be starting a new series looking at potential free agent options, broken down by position, that the Eagles should/will pursue over the upcoming offseason. Because I love throwing gas on a fire, we’re starting with the ever-controversial quarterback position. For future reference: these do not mean I think the Eagles necessarily HAVE to address these positions in free agency, just players that are available at them that could pique interest.

  • Aaron Rodgers

    Here he is; the absolute dream of this free agent class for just about every team in the NFL. The Eagles are no different. Aaron Rodgers is the highest profile player that should be available as a free agent this year, (he has an out in his contract this offseason) and the birds will absolutely kick the tires on the future Hall of Famer if and when he becomes available. Rodgers is a no-brainer if he is willing to come to Philly; write him a blank check, hell, let him call his own plays. He can rename Lincoln Financial Field to “Aaron Rodgers Field” if he really wants to. If there’s a chance that Rodgers wants to trade in Packers green for midnight green, the birds should give every effort to lure him here.

  • Tyrod Taylor

    The rest of these potential QB free agents are going to be back up options. There are other trade targets at this position, but just in free agency, it’s rare to see a great starting caliber QB just become available. That being said, the Eagles highly value backups, and Tyrod Taylor makes a lot of sense to be one of those in Philly this next year. Gardner Minshew is under contract until 2023, but he’s making virtually no money which allows the birds to commit a little bit more to this position. Taylor is a mobile QB, fitting him easily into the scheme that Jalen Hurts normally runs, and has starting experience over a lengthy NFL career. He would be a nice – though somewhat expensive – option to have on the bench in case of injury.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Fitzpatrick might be too expensive for the Eagles considering he was going to start for the Washington Football Team this past season, but he is one of the more proven names available this offseason for sure. Fitzpatrick has started for pretty much every football team on the planet at this point, and he would have no issue fitting into the birds’ system. That being said, he still may be a little too high-profile for a backup option in Philly. If he’s truly washed as a starter, maybe he takes a Joe Flacco-esque twilight of the career contract with the Eagles. Hey, Fitzpatrick has certainly played under stranger circumstances than that.

  • Marcus Mariota

    DO THE DEAL! Just… a couple years later. The love of Chip Kelly’s life Marcus Mariota is set to be a free agent this offseason, and he would be another option as a backup QB that has proven experience as a starter in the NFL. I mean, the man has thrown a touchdown to himself in playoff game! You don’t find that everywhere. Seriously though, Mariota is no longer an NFL starter, but he’s a damn good backup, especially when it comes to a run heavy scheme like the Eagles employed this past year. If the price point is right, Mariota could certainly be a target for the birds to bring into their QB room.

  • Chase Daniel

    Hey, sometimes I just root for chaos. Can you blame me? Chase Daniel had a stellar stop in Philadelphia his first time with the Eagles, completing his only pass attempt for a 16 yard 1st down and a perfect completion percentage. Who says he can’t keep that up over the course of a couple games if he needs to come in as a backup??? Obviously I’m kidding, Chase Daniel should never be paid by another NFL team to play quarterback ever again, and yeah, he probably will be. It won’t be by the Eagles though.

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