By Connor Thomas


We already covered some of the line in breaking down some of the potential tight end free agent targets for the birds, but there are still 5 more positions on the offensive line that need attention. With the retirement of Brandon Brooks, there’s now a huge hole to fill at right guard, and there are some depth needs as well. A disclaimer for this: it’s much more difficult to quantify offensive line talent than skill/defensive positions; a lot of this will be based on what some experts are saying about these players. That being said, the Eagles are always looking to build through the trenches, and here are some guys they could look at to do that again this free agency period:

  • Connor Williams, G

    Williams should be familiar to the birds after spending the past 4 years in Dallas, and he has been a solid part of one of the better offensive lines in football. More importantly, the Eagles now have a huge hole at starting RG, and even though Williams has primarily played guard on the left side, he could be a candidate to step in on the o-line in 2022 in Philadelphia. We’ll even forgive him for being a former Cowboy… probably.

  • Mike Remmers, T

    Remmers spent this past season with the Kansas City Chiefs, and went on IR with a knee injury part way through the season that hampered him in 2022. He also dealt with a back injury that caused him to miss significant time in a previous year. So why would the Eagles be interested in a near 33 year old injury prone tackle? Well, for one, he is going to be affordable, and two, he has played every position on the offensive line besides center, making him a versatile potential backup.

  • Ben Jones, C

    Jason Kelce’s future is still uncertain, and the Eagles should certainly take a look at the center position this offseason. Jones could very well be their best option, and even though he’s going to cost a good amount of money if the birds want to outbid his old team the Tennessee Titans, he’s worth a look. Jones is a top 10 center in football, and is only 32 years old. It’s not a long term solution, but it’s very possible that he’s the best option as a stop gap if Kelce moves on.

  • Nate Herbig, G

    Herbig played a significant role for the birds this past season at guard, and he did so for a measly $589k. He’ll cost more than that this time around, but it’s hard to find young (Herbig is 23) talent with starting NFL experience. Unless someone significantly overpays to try Herbig at starting guard, he has proven to be a depth option worth paying for in Philly. Bring him back if it’s possible.

  • Jason Kelce, C

    Technically Kelce is a free agent, but there’s really no chance of him going to play elsewhere. The man is a career Eagle, but being that he is out of contract I have to list him here just in case Howie is perusing again! Pay the man whatever he wants to make sure that he comes back to the birds rather than testing retirement. He’s the best center in football, and hasn’t shown a sign of slowing down despite his age. He’s one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, Eagles of all time. At all costs, 62 should still be in the middle of the line next season.