INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 03: A general view of the NFL logo on the field is seen before the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium on October 03, 2021 in Inglewood, California.

Yesterday the Eagles released a look at their new All-Black Helmet. A look that will complete the All-Black Jerseys that they have worn the past few years. But they were not the only team to drop the first images of new alternate helmets. Teams all around the league offered fans a peek at the alternate helmets they will be rocking this season.

The reason so many teams are doing this now is that the NFL is finally allowing them to do so. Before now the NFL had a rule that each team could only have one helmet. So no matter what jersey they wore, they would still have to wear the normal helmet. This is why the Eagles have not worn their Kelly Green jerseys in so long, and why the Buccaneers stopped wearing their infamous creamsicle alternates. The helmets clashed with those jerseys. But now the rule has changed. Teams can finally have an alternate helmet.

There are some rules still. For one each team is allowed only one alternate. That alternate also has to be the same make and model as the team’s primary helmet. They must be made and fitted at the same time as the primary helmets. Teams must use the new helmets at practice in the week leading up to the game they plan to wear them. And any new design must be approved by July 31st.

Not every team plans to use alternate helmets. But here is a look at what the teams that will, have released so far.


  • Philadelphia Eagles- All-Black

    In past years the Eagles have had to rock the green helmets with the All-Blacks. But now they can finally have the helmet to match it. It really is just the normal helmet pained black. Nothing too special, but it is still a cool look. Unfortunately, it will only be a one-year thing. In 2023 the Eagles are unveiling the Kelly Greens. Unless the NFL changes the rule again to allow multiple alternate helmets, they will have to replace this black helmet with a Kelly Green one. But it will be cool to have the matching Black Helmet for this year at least.

  • Dallas Cowboys- Retro

    As is tradition with the Cowboys, they love things that are from the past. Whether it is their Lombardi Trophies that are all older than many of their players or this throwback jersey from the 60s, they love ancient things. This is the original look of the Cowboys. And they will bring it back this year for the Thanksgiving game vs the Giants. Wearing it on Thanksgiving used to be their tradition until a dumb NFL rule kept them from doing so. But now they can resume the annual tradition. I assume they will also continue their tradition of never winning any playoff games. I will say I like the look though. Even if I hate the team.

  • New York Giants- Classic Blues

    The Giants have never been a flashy franchise. They like simple classic designs. And it works for them. These blue jerseys and helmets are what they wore in the 80s and 90s. They won two Super Bowls in them. And while they are simple designs, there is something kind of cool about them. Of course, they also won two Super Bowls in the current design. But the last decade of losing may have soured those a bit. They will don these combos twice this year. Oct. 2nd vs the Bears, and Dec. 4th vs the Commanders (lol).

  • Washington Commanders- Cant Do Anything Right

    Have the Commanders made any good choices this decade? It took them forever to change their team name that was a racial slur. When they finally do, all they can come up with is Football Team (it’s not like they had tons of time to come up with a contingency plan). Two years later they finally make a official name change. And they come up with Commanders? Not only that, but this is the look they go with? Its just boring. Oh and unrelated to the unis, but they give up an arm and a leg to bring in Carson Wentz, who the Colts quickly abandoned a year after trading a first for him. As bad as any NFC East team gets, at least they know they are not as bad as Washington. I haven’t even mentioned they play their home games in a garbage dump.


  • Atlanta Falcons- Old School Red

    I think these should be their main helmets. The Falcons usually wear black helmets now. But I much prefer black helmets as an alternate. The main helmets should have some color. Especially since the Falcon’s main color is red. Eagles wearing black is a nice change because black every now and then is a nice change. But their primary color is still green. It should be the same way with the Falcons. This helmet is a modernized version of their throwback uniform. The red also has a nice symmetry since the other big Georgia football team, the Bulldogs, also wear red. They also threw in a golden stripe to honor the other big college team in the state, Georgia Tech.


  • New England Patriots- The Return of Pat Patriot

    Pat Patriot was a victim of the NFL’s 2012 helmet rule. But now he is back from the dead. And Patriot fans seemed thrilled with it. This is the look they went with from 1960 until Bill Parcells took over in 1993. That was when they switched to the Flying Elvis logo. But there is something I like about this old-school look. It’s goofy but in a fun way. Which is something Patriots need an infusion of with Bill “Stick in the mind” Belichick in charge. Because Lane Johnson was right. The Patriots may win a lot, but they don’t have any fun. This jersey is fun.

  • Carolina Panthers- Black and Blue

    The Panthers took the same path as the Eagles. They pretty much just painted their primary helmet black. It may seem simple, but it works. Are there flashier alternates? Sure. But if you are a team that likes using an All-Black alternate jersey, its a good choice. The Panthers Silver helmets don’t really go so well with a black Jersey. What it lacks in creativity it makes up for in other areas. They will debut the look Nov. 10th vs the Falcons.

  • Houston Texans- A Very Loud Red

    I don’t really like this one. The red is too shiny. While most teams went with a matte look to their alternate helmets, the Texas has a glossy chrome like texture. I think it works well with an All-Black look, but for a color this bright, matte would have been the way to go. The Texans have had the same look since their conception in 2002. And frankly after years of mediocrity, including scandals that got them into legal trouble lately, it may be time for a more aggressive change. The Texans need a rebranding. Not this.

  • New Orleans Saints- Changing Up Tradition

    The Saints are another team that very rarely changes up their look. They’ve worn gold helmets since 1969. Their jerseys have barely changed since they first entered the league. This will be the largest departure from their classic look ever. From what I can tell it will be worn with their normal home jersey. The pattern on top is a bit weird looking for me.

  • New York Jets- Not What Fans Wanted

    It is hard to go wrong with all black. Its simple, and almost always looks good. But judging by the reaction of Jets fans online, the Jets found a way to go wrong by betting on black. Fans really seem to wanted a throwback green helmet. Multiple fans even stated it was “literally all they wanted.” Now maybe the Jets had the same issue the Eagles have, and they just needed more time to be able to procure the throwback greens. But for now, this is just another example of how the Jets can never seem to do anything right, even with something as safe as an all-black helmet.

  • Cincinnati Bengals- The Best Helmets

    The Bengals Alternate is by far the most different from their normal look. For one, while many other teams are going the blackout look, they chose to borrow from Penn State and go with a white out look. And I really like it. Its different, and it works for me. If it was what a team wanted to do as their main jersey I would say that’s a mistake. But Alternates are the chance to change things up. And while everyone did something that fits their current look, the Bengals went to left field and did something interesting.