The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

The Philadelphia Eagles defense celebrating a Darius Slay Interception

Last night the Phillies ripped our hearts out and stomped right on them. It was the most painful loss in recent memory, and we have gone through a lot of pain recently in Philadelphia. I would love to come on here and say there is some bright side to it. I would love to say this is a team on the rise and they still have a lot ahead of them. But I can’t. Last year they were. When they lost to the Astros they were the underdogs that lost to a better team. And we could look ahead and say they can do it next year. But this time they just choked, and it makes it hard to have any faith in them moving forward. So this article is not about them. But I still do want to focus on some of the positives in Philadelphia Sports.

It may not feel like it right now, but there are reasons to be positive about things that are not the Phillies. The Eagles are 6-1 and atop the NFC and just added an All-Pro to their defense. We may not be looking forward to the Sixers in general, but there are pieces on the Sixers who could bring us some joy. The Union are in the playoffs. And even the Flyers are overachieving compared to expectations.

So for a moment, let’s forget about the Phillies. The only thing that can come from thinking about them is pain, and after the performance they gave us, they just aren’t worth it. Instead, let’s focus on some of the things going well for us. The things that can remind us sports are supposed to be fun. Because if I sit here all day and think about how much the Phillies let us down, I may literally go insane.

Here Are 6 Things In Philadelphia Sports That Do Not Suck Like The Phillies Do:

  • The Eagles Defense

    There are a few things on the Eagles to be happy about. They are 6-1, with a share of the best record in the league. But the thing that has me most excited, is how great the defense looks. It was bumpy at the start of the season, but things seem to have clicked. In the last 5 weeks opposing offenses have averaged just 212 passing yards per game against them and under 300 total yards. They just shut down the best offense in the league. And then turned around and added Kevin Byard to that secondary.

    This defense may be very good. And unlike last year where the defense just beat up on bad teams, they are beating good QBs. Tua Tagovailoa and Matthew Stafford have been two of the most productive QBs in the league, and the Eagles defense shut them down. We are seeing that Sean Desai is a massive upgrade over Jonathan Gannon.

    Dan Orlovsky on Twitter: "Shout out to Sean Desai and the @Eagles defensive plan#nfllive / Twitter"

    Shout out to Sean Desai and the @Eagles defensive plan#nfllive

  • Nick Nurse Bringing Some Creativity to the Sixers

    The Sixers were a very good team last year. But we saw in the playoffs their style of offense got exposed. There was too much of a two-man game between Joel Embiid and James Harden, with everyone else standing around. Now they have Nick Nurse, who is renowned for his creative offenses.

    Will the Sixers be a great team? Maybe not. The team itself is a bit of a mess and fans are more down on them than ever. But Nick Nurse actually running an offense, and prioritizing defense, is at least something to look forward to. For too long the Sixers have not had much offense besides forcing the ball to Joel Embiid, or James Harden dribbling his way into a turnover or a missed shot. Now we will actually see the Sixers have ball movement and set plays.

    Philadelphia 76ers on Twitter: ""...he really is a basketball genius." -@DGreen_14 on Nick Nurse. / Twitter"

    "...he really is a basketball genius." -@DGreen_14 on Nick Nurse.

  • Tyrese Maxey Taking The Next Step

    Speaking of things to look forward to on the Sixers, there is Tyrese Maxey. Maxey is still new and exciting enough that we have not become jaded towards him like we have with some other stars who have yet to win. And all the drama on the team could actually be an opportunity for him. We don’t know what will happen with Harden, but if he is not on the floor, that puts Maxey in a position where he can be the guy.

    We have already seen him be far more effective on defense than he was last year. His defense was a major issue at times last year. But the combination of him and DeAnthony Melton in the backcourt has actually been fun to watch. He has taken a massive step in every season so far, and I can at least say I am excited to watch what he has in store for this year. Even if the Sixers season itself is not exciting.

    Hoops Nation on Twitter: "Tyrese Maxey with the BEHIND THE BACK DIME 😮‍💨👀#BrotherlyLove / Twitter"

    Tyrese Maxey with the BEHIND THE BACK DIME 😮‍💨👀#BrotherlyLove

  • The Tush Push

    What is better than the Eagles having a play that is impossible to stop? The fact it drives everyone else crazy. The Eagles ran the Tush Push 4 times on Sunday Night and converted it every time. There was a 5th attempt nullified by offsetting penalties, but they just went right back to it and converted it again the next time. Seeing grown adults freak out every time the Eagles run it brings me so much joy. I loved watching that Dolphins reporter Joe Schad lose his mind in the game as the Eagles continued to run the play.

    The NFL may eventually change the rules. But for now, I don’t care. Because there is nothing anyone can do about it this year. Other teams have tried to copy it, and most have failed. But the Eagles convert it almost every single time. As Nick Sirianni stated, every set of downs for them is 1st and 9.

    FOX Sports: NFL on Twitter: "Nick Sirianni with a message on the #Eagles' tush push 😂🦅 / Twitter"

    Nick Sirianni with a message on the #Eagles' tush push 😂🦅

  • Union Are In the Playoffs

    The Union can sometimes be the forgotten step-child among the other 4 teams. But they have silently been the most successful of the Philadelphia teams in recent years. And they are back in the playoffs again this year, and have a home playoff game this Saturday against the Revolution.

    Their road to the Championship game is not as clear as it was this time last year. But with Andre Blake in goal, they can win any game. And they have won nearly every game at Subaru Park over the past several seasons. It may not be the same as the Phillies or Eagles winning, but the Union are our next hope for a Parade. And now that we have a lot more free time, thanks again Phillies, it is very much worth tuning into their playoff games.

  • Flyers Are On the Right Track

    The Flyers will not be a good team this year. But they could be better than we thought. And that is thanks in large part to the leadership of John Tortorella. He has this group of young guys with a handful of Vets playing as good of hockey as they are capable of to start the season. And while it may not pay off this year, it is hope. Hope that hockey may one day be relevant in Philadelphia again.

    Credit goes to Danny Brierre and Keith Jones as well. They seem to be rebuilding this team right. And after the torture that was the Chuck Fletcher era, we will take it.

    Colin Newby on Twitter: "John Tortorella on a different feeling of unity inside the locker room for the Flyers in 2023-24 ⁦@975TheFanatic⁩ / Twitter"

    John Tortorella on a different feeling of unity inside the locker room for the Flyers in 2023-24 ⁦@975TheFanatic⁩

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