We may get some snow this winter!  You may be really excited, or you may want to cry. Whatever you feel, snow memes can get you through it.

Snow always gets mixed reactions. The pains of shoveling or plowing put a damper on the powdery fun. Some can get past the dread of the chores that come with snowfall and look forward to sledding and hot cocoa.

There are good, and also painful, realities that come with a snowstorm. Icy roads, cars to brush off, and the possibility of a slip-and-fall. But also, snowman building, pretty pictures, an excuse to stay inside, and maybe even time off work!

You may be in the camp that snow is to be cherished, as we haven’t gotten a ton of it as of late. Or, you may be ready to summon the heat-miser and make it a warm winter to keep the bad weather at bay. No matter what, though, it is good to joke about the winter weather we may or may not get. One thing’s for sure, snow inconveniences are pretty much a shared experience for all of us.

Check out these snow memes we found, hope you laugh as much as we did!

  • We All Know This Person...

    Coffee is life. Snow doesn’t stop coffee. Especially Dunkin’ runs. We cannot go without our Dunkin’ runs!

  • ...And This Person

    winter shorts guy

    Who else knows a “winter shorts guy”? It may be your teenage son or stubborn spouse. “It’s not even that cold!” they say. But we know. We all know you’re shivering.

  • To Drive Or Not To Drive

    driving in the snow

    If you are of the camp that wants to drive in the snow, please be polite about it! Let’s not act like emptier roads call for IRL Grand Theft Auto.

  • An Excuse To Eat

    pov snow day

    Again, not much else to do besides eat, drink, and laze around. Why not, though? You deserve it after all that laborious shoveling.

  • FML

    not my hard work!

    This is always the worst. You can either wait for the plow for hours, or shovel and get your hard work covered up. Both suck equally.

  • Milk And Bread

    Beware in stores leading up to the snow. There will be a ton of people clambering to get their milk and bread. Hey, wait…maybe you should get some too? Maybe I should….PANIC BUYING TIME!

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