McShay's write up: "Philly Jump starts its three-pick round 1 party with an explosive pass-rusher. Ojabo's first step is lightning fast, and he closes on the QB extremely well. His 11.0 sacks and 14 tackles for loss this season prove it. Brandon Graham will be 34 years old and returning from an achilles injury next season, and only two teams have fewer sacks this year than the Eagles. ANd while they would love to see Hamilton fall to them, the Eagles get a defensive upgrade with Ojabo."

Todd McShay is thought of as the pinnacle in his industry. And his industry is mock drafts. Mel Kiper paved the way but in recent years McShay has matched, if not eclipsed him. McShay is a guy who buries himself in a room watching nothing but tape as he evaluates draftable players, only to see his mock draft turn to crap when Dave Gettleman does something stupid. But whether or not you put value in mock drafts, its a good place to what position your team needs, as well as the top players in those positions.

Is December WAY TOO EARLY to look at mock drafts?! ABSOLUTELY! Did I read it?! You Betcha! So lets dive into Todd McShay’s mind and see who he has the Eagles taking.