These are the people that RIch Paul paid $50 to make that initial report look legit. Theyve all been promised autograph Ben Simmons merch once a deal gets done

This may have flown under the radar if you’re a Sixers fan, but according to reports, there are SEVERAL groups ready to boo Ben Simmons at training camp when it opens in Camden on Tuesday. Even though fans cant access the training facility and would literally have stand there and guess at which car is Ben’s…


Just so you know I’m not making it up, Rich Paul’s burner account tweeted this bit of info yesterday. I show this to you not to give this man the attention, but to show you I’m not making this up.

So it got me thinking. Who are these “several organized groups” who have off on a Tuesday and are willing to skip work to boo Ben Simmons? Weve obtained a list that is totally not at all legit (all of the following is written in extreme sarcasm font)