BOSTON, MA - JULY 09: Philadelphia Phillies Manager Joe Girardi removes Vince Velasquez #21 of the Philadelphia Phillies from the game in the third inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on July 9, 2021 in Boston, Massachusetts.

By Tom Alvord


Last week, I wrote about some realistic bullpen pieces that could potentially help the Phillies make a playoff run this season. Since then the red-hot Phillies are 3-1 post-All Star Break winning their first series against the Miami Marlins. All this despite blowing their, MLB leading, 23rd blown save of the season Saturday night. As we know, however, the bullpen is not the only issue with this team. 


The Phillies rotation is extremely top heavy. According to Matt Gelb of The Athletic, before the Marlins series the Phillies top three starters in Wheeler, Eflin, and Nola had pitched to a 3.48 ERA in 53 starts. The rest of their starters combined for a 5.65 ERA in 35 games. That’s not going to cut it. We’ve seen the likes of Vince Velasquez, Matt Moore, and Chase Anderson more than enough so far this season. If the Phillies want to get themselves into the playoffs, and potentially make some noise, a fourth starter is absolutely necessary.


Adding a legit fourth starter to this rotation would not only take pressure off the top 3 guys, but obviously also minimize the innings of the bottom 2 guys. Not to mention the positive effect it could potentially have on the bullpen. You’d much rather see a combination of Velasquez and Moore for one start, rather than having to rely on them in 2 consecutive games. So with that being said here are 6 realistic starting pitching targets Dave Dombrowski could snag at the deadline.