Jake would be PERFECT for the Kraken. He's a vet, who (on paper) is productive. But do the Kraken want to be tied to his $8.25 million dollar cap hit for the next 3 seasons?

If you were unaware, the NHL approved of their 32nd team the Seattle Kraken. The Kraken will kick off their inaugural season in the 2021-2022 season but here’s the problem….they don’t have a team! So they have to choose a team via the expansion draft. The expansion draft takes place on July 21st and it will consist of every single team (except the Vegas Golden Knights) getting 1 player poached from their roster. The Kraken also need to reach the cap floor which is a little over $60 million.

Just a reminder of how the expansion draft will work; teams like the Flyers have two options. They can protect 7 forwards, 3 defensemen, and a goalie. OR they can protect 8 skaters and a goalie. Unless a player waives their non-movement clause, then they HAVE to be protected. So guys like Claude Giroux and Kevin Hayes will have to be protected. ALSO all first or second year players will also be protected automatically. No need to “protect” a guy like Joel Farabee. SO…here are 5 players the Flyers could lose to the Kraken in the expansion draft.