Walking Off - Episode 11: Phillies Win 3 of 4 vs Nationals

Check out Episode 11 of the "Walking Off" Podcast with Andrew Salciunas. This is our podcast for all things Phillies baseball! Are you upset that you do not hear enough Phillies talk on the station? Well this is a perfect avenue for you. All Phillies baseball, all the time. In this episode Andrew recapped the series win against the Nationals, answered Twitter questions, and discussed some topics on his mind. Follow Andrew on Twitter @asalciunas975

Topics include the following:
Phillies take 3 of 4 against the Nationals

Don't use the Yankees series to determine your outlook on the season

Why the Phillies need a starter and a reliever by the deadline

Gabe Kapler's midseason grade

A look at the Cubs shcedule for July - Can the Phillies jump them in the WC Standings?