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Listen up Gamers!! It’s finally here…MLB The Show 19!!    Register below for a chance to win a FREE copy.

MLB The Show 19 features new game modes, expanded team building and an extensive personalized RPG experience!

Create your own player and rise through the MLB ranks, or play against others as Baseball’s greatest stars and legends!

MLB The Show 19 lets you relive or change some of the biggest moments in Baseball history in the new game mode: Moments!

Want a new way to connect with your favorite team? New Mode, March to October lets you play your favorite team’s season in less time by playing only the exciting situations and games throughout the season.

Fierce online competition, exciting RPG action, and lighting fast gameplay MLB The Show 19 has it all!

Play the best of baseball…MLB The Show 19…Welcome to the Show! Rated E for Everyone. Online multiplayer requires an active PS Plus membership.

MLB® The Show 19™

MLB® The Show™19 brings you the best of baseball. Experience the ultimate duel: the 1v1 battle between hitter and pitcher to see who reigns supreme. Whether it be home runs, quick experiences, playing as legends, a full RPG experience or stiff Player vs Player competition; MLBTS 19 provides the perfect combination of authentic baseball experience mixed with video game fun.