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Pennsylvania Is A Top 5 Beer State

A craft beer explosion has happened in this country, and due to our love of these craft beers Pennsylvania is a top 5 beer state in the US. Brewing beer has lasted the test of time, but within the last half century it seems smaller breweries have cracked the code for making really good beer without being tied to one of the mega beer producers in the country. An article from VinePair.com went through all 50 states ranking them by best beer states. Sadly for the 6 states that share any sort of border with the Pennsylvania state lines proximity to a highly ranked beer state doesn't do much for you. None of those 6 crack the top 10. West Virginia - 48, New Jersey - 36, Maryland - 35, Delaware - 17, Ohio - 15, New York 14. Poor showing New Jersey. Luckily these same states do share a border with a great beer state, and they can cross over any time they want to find a delicious brewery. Another benefit of being in close proximity they probably can find some of Pennsylvania's craft beer in their local stores. On Vine Pair's list, PA comes chugging in at #5 thanks to the sheer number of breweries in the state. 486 Pennsylvania breweries puts the state 2nd behind California's 931. With that many breweries it's going to be pretty tough to go wrong when you choosing where you're getting beer from, but if you can't find at least one beer you like from the first brewery you choose in PA, you've only got 485 more to. Find the full list of state rankings here. [select-listicle listicle_id="885347" syndication_name="5-pennsylvania-breweries-to-try-beer-from-this-summer" description="yes"]