Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking, Brock Lesnar Implicated

Vince McMahon is being hit with a new lawsuit accusing the WWE leader of sex trafficking. The suit also implicates Brock Lesnar, one of the wrestling promotion's biggest stars. The lawsuit is broken down in detail by The Wall Street Journal, which has been the publication breaking news related to [inlink id="vince-mcmahon-twitter-goes-wild-on-alleged-3m-affair-settlement-news" text="McMahon's alleged sexual misconduct since June 2022"]. WSJ reports that Janel Grant is the former WWE employee who filed the sex trafficking lawsuit. Up until now, all former WWE employees [inlink id="vince-mcmahon-paid-12m-in-hush-money-over-alleged-sexual-misconduct-infidelity" text="who signed nondisclosure agreements"] regarding McMahon's behavior and received hush money have not been named. This lawsuit lists in graphic detail various incidents Grant allegedly experienced during her employment with WWE. They include disturbing text messages from McMahon, who also allegedly shared nude photos and video of Grant with other WWE executives and wrestlers. [inlink id="wwe-ufc-merging-to-form-new-company" text="RELATED: WWE, UFC Merging to Form New Company"] One of those wrestlers in question appears to be Lesnar. WSJ notes that McMahon had Grant create "personalized sexual content" for a WWE talent he was trying to re-sign. While Lesnar isn't named in the lawsuit, this talent WWE was trying to re-sign is described as a UFC fighter and WWE talent. WSJ says people familiar with this situation say that talent is Lesnar. On top of the "personalize sexual content," McMahon told Grant via text in August 2021 that part of Lesnar's deal to re-sign with WWE "was f---ing U." WSJ further notes McMahon "recruited people to have sex with Grant." Among those people were John Laurinaitis, the former head of talent relations at WWE, who is named as a defendant in the sex trafficking lawsuit. Laurinaitis has also been previously mentioned in other reports related to McMahon's alleged sexual misconduct. McMahon [inlink id="vince-mcmahon-retires-from-wwe-during-misconduct-investigation-twitter-reacts" text="announced his retirement from WWE in July 2022"] while the company's board was investigating him for alleged misconduct. However, WSJ included in their latest report, "McMahon, who was the controlling shareholder of WWE, returned to WWE in early 2023, elected himself to the board and replaced several directors. Upon his return, [inlink id="wwe-ufc-merging-to-form-new-company" text="he negotiated a sale of WWE to Endeavor Group"], owner of the UFC mixed martial-arts league." [select-listicle listicle_id="525074" syndication_name="royal-rumble-statistics" description="no"]

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