What Every ‘The Office’ Characters’ Spin-off Would Look Like

The Office: Every Characters' Spin-Off Show With the writer's strike ending after five months, our favorite TV shows and movies will return to our streaming services. With this being said, The Office U.S. creator, Greg Daniels revealed that he will create a spin-off of the 9-season series after the strike ends. Fans are eager to know what character the series will follow. Just A Reboot? Although the series ended in 2013, The Office is still maintaining the same hype it had when it was on air. The cast still keeps in touch and even has dinners with each other. Jenna Fischer (Pam Beasley) and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) created a highly successful Office Re-watch podcast, The Office Ladies. The women dive into each episode to tell stories from the show, even bringing former cast members on as guests. Filming Style A logistical question would be how Greg Daniels plans on filming the series. He is known for his documentary style with shows like The Office and Parks & Rec. Will it follow the mockumentary style from the original series with the former camera crew? This theory makes the most sense to return to Scranton. It's possible that the fictionary documentary team had a lot of success with their original film. So much so, that they decided to go back and follow a new group of employees. The Office Spin-off It does seem unlikely that the Show Creator Greg Daniels will use an original player from The Office as the main character in the spin-off. We are so far removed from their lives at this point, that it's still fun to think about what their stories would look like. Check out what I think each character's spin-off series would look like. My qualifications for making these opinions consist of re-watching the series from start to finish twice a year since its finale. *Spoilers ahead*

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