Man Decorates Neighbors’ Houses for Christmas: 22 of them!

Are you the neighbor who goes all out for Christmas? This man decorates neighbors' houses for Christmas for free! I am not. Far from it. I love a beautifully decorated house. I can even appreciate a horribly decorated home. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all. Because I know what it takes to trudge out in the cold to climb and hang and wrap and drape. Lighting my house is not something I can do with love in my heart, so I just don't do it. This year I hired someone to light my house. While I am glad my neighbors like it (I keep getting texts from them) I want to throw up every time I look at my house because of how expensive it was. I wish this guy lived in my neighborhood. Stephen Dunkelberg is a former landscaper from Bixby, Oklahoma. When he moved to the house he lives in on Stadium Road, his was the only house that would decorate for Christmas. Dunkelberg loves a lit house; he used to do it for a living. So, this year he decided to make his dream come true of living on a street of beautifully lit homes for the holidays. Dunkelberg went house to house asking permission, and once granted, decorated every single house on his block. He didn't charge a dime for his skills or his equipment. Dunkelberg said he used to do the decorations for the town, so he has a ton of lights that were just collecting dust. It took him two full weekends to climb and hang and wrap and drape lights on 22 of his neighbors' homes. Dunkelberg took on the task with no expectation of profit or recognition, but purely to bring joy to the community. According to KJHR, everyone agrees that the lights have really transformed their road, and it has fostered a sense of connection among the residents. Dunkelberg believes so too and adds that it’s been a great way to get to know his neighbors. This is the second year that he’s made Stadium Road a festive and inviting attraction for the whole town and he says he intends to continue the tradition for as long as he’s able. [select-gallery gallery_id="118806" syndication_name="25-country-christmas-songs" description="yes"]

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