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I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has taken the time to reach out over the past few weeks since my colon cancer removal surgery on May 15th. I believe I have officially answered every email of well wishes that I have received and am ready to attack the next chapter on Wednesday, June 14th.

This past Tuesday I had my port installed and am beginning the preparations for my chemo treatments. I will begin super hydrating this weekend and am trying to carbo-load to make sure that I get off to a great start. I’ve been learning a lot about the FU5 treatments that I’m going to have every other week beginning Wednesday. When I mentioned the protocol on air the other day many listeners enjoyed saying “F-U Cancer” right along with me. The FU5 treatments have been creating positive results worldwide and I’ve spent far too many hours reading about the side effects and how others have thrived during their journey. Those of you that have offered tips and insights are very thoughtful. I’ve had the best medical care available and am following doctor’s orders like a good soldier.

I will have an extra long day this upcoming Wednesday so I will be taking the day off. I will do the treatments after work on Wednesdays and then be having a to-go bag attached until midday on Friday. The science is incredible now and so I will just have to navigate some clumsy attachments as I go about my daily activities. I’m not expecting to have a bald head, although many patients do find that hair loss comes along the way. Thankfully my man Michael Colletti has agreed to find me a stylish shorter cut if I start to experience issues. You all know how important my hair is to me!

#hen I have to go to the cancer center on work days I’ve decided that I will wear “resort wear” button up shirts. Hawaiian shirts, bowling shirts and other stuff that would look great at Sandals in Jamaica will be my uniform. I’ll need to be able to access my port easily. I may go with my daughter to a thrift shop for some colorful and entertaining looks. If you wanted to join in with me on these treatment days tweet me a photo!

My wife has already gotten me heavy-grade plastic utensils as sometimes the metal reacts poorly with your tongue in the FU5 protocol. It can give you a metal taste that actually did outrages you from eating. She is thinking of everything to help me stay as focused and comfortable as possible. It’s going to require a lot of rest, hydration and eating. I think protein-rich smoothies are going to become a staple.

I invite you to check in anytime but as you’ve seen we have discussed this very little on the air. We want to keep the JK Show fun, fast-paced and positive. If you want to keep me in your prayers, I’m all for it. I’m going to do everything I can to make my family proud.


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