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The John Kincade Show got some great following from funeral homes in Delco on Friday morning.

Comedian Peggy O’Leary joined the show just five days ahead of her show at Helium Comedy Club in Fishtown on Wednesday, March 29.

She talked about her career as a stand-up comedian, life as a passionate Philadelphia Eagles fan, and her Delco roots.

Peggy O’Leary and the Kennedys of Delco

Of course, John Kincade couldn’t help himself from gushing about another Cardinal O’Hara alum on the show. Peggy grew up in Holy Cross parish in Springfield (Cross is boss), and her family owns O’Leary Funeral Home across the street. 

“You’ve got to know your parish in Delco.” -John Kincade

Peggy O’Leary uses self-deprecating humor from her life as an Irish Catholic from a family with six children, a former 250-pound girl in grade school, and a cheerleader from Delaware County’s best Catholic high school.

Peggy couldn’t resist the constant shout outs to her “Mom-Mom (Mumum),” Holy Cross, and O’Hara.

“It’s why I am who I am…We come from a crazy stock, and I’m like 1/10 of it.”

Die Hard Eagles Fan

It wasn’t exactly shocking when the loud blonde girl from the Philadelphia area talked about annoying people from different parts of the country as a big Eagles fan.

“I love the Eagles, and I moved to New York, so that was a big thing. I couldn’t wait to go to a Giants bar and get in a fight with a Giants fan. That was like my main goal.”

Peggy talked about her dream of being a tough center like Jason Kelce, but Pat Egan sees her more in the vein of Becky “The Icebox” O’Shea from Little Giants.

One of her most interesting topics was how most men love constantly to challenge her knowledge of football.

“Ask some drunk guy at Barnaby’s right now what stats they have. They don’t have it. They call into radio stations and yell about people, sure, but I had to learn more about football.”

She’s got a point.

Tickets are on sale for Peggy O’Leary’s stand-up show at Helium Comedy Club.

Watch the full interview on YouTube. 


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    It is so great to commiserate with all of the other Philly sports fans in this area. The struggles and triumphs. We get each other. We know each other. Wearing an Eagles jersey? You can’t walk down the street without hearing a “go birds!” This goes for all Philly sports teams. You make some pretty instant friends in bars when you start talking about Bryce Harper or the season the Flyers have been having. Plus, the close proximity to all of the stadiums. Our sports complex is unbeaten and accessible. Septa is right there! It’s just so hard to live without. Not to mention, some other cities are hostile to Philly fans. They straight up dislike us. It’s hard to have a “no one likes us, we don’t care” attitude when you’re outnumbered.

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