PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - JANUARY 21: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles reacts prior to a game against the New York Giants in the NFC Divisional Playoff game at Lincoln Financial Field on January 21, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

by John Kincade

Over the years I’ve usually just followed people that I personally know on social media OR media members that I use to keep on top of the things I need to know to do my job. I try to be very attentive and interact daily with people who are kind enough to follow me. Sometimes I even follow with those who choose to hate follow! Whatever the reasoning, followers are sometimes a great source of feedback, difference of opinion discussions and life insights I may never have considered. Since I leave my Twitter DM’s open a follow isn’t important. When frequent knowledge and insights are impressive, I’ll throw a follow back. One of those followers is a funny, rabid Philly sports fan named TOOTTHEBARBER on Twitter.

You hear me use the expression “don’t take the cheese” from internet trolls. They thrive on trying to get your goat. I’ve got a pretty good talent for trying to engage with trolls on Twitter with humor. I’ve found myself the last week getting pulled into the “Bitter Betty” discussions of the 49ers fans lamenting their loss in the NFC Title Game. Strangely they believe that if Brock Purdy hadn’t been injured the 31-7 blowout would have swung in the opposite direction. I don’t believe in such nonsense. The 49ers were abused and weren’t ready to block either the Eagles offensive or defensive lines. Their fans are in denial and are trying to excuse make their way out of embarrassment. It’s got to stop.

The Cowboys fans who haven’t even been to a Championship Game in 28 seasons continue to try and rain on the Eagles fans fun too. Instead of worrying about what a fan base that hasn’t seen an NFC Title Game since Bill Clinton was President has to say, we need to focus on the fact our team has gifted us with seven trips in 21 seasons. This is our third Super Bowl opportunity so joy should be the word, not dealing with the underachievers.

I saw @TOOTTHEBARBER tweet this;

Yo Eagles fans let’s not debate with no other fanbase starting tomorrow unless it’s a Chiefs fan. Let’s enjoy the moment this week and talk about our team relentlessly #FlyEaglesFly

I always like to give proper credit to my inspiration and I’m actually embarrassed I didn’t come up with it. The real answer may be that I let some of these fools distract me from the joy of the week! I’ll follow a wise listener and learn and start Super Bowl Week the right way. We are now T-minus 7 days to kickoff and I vow;

Do not let fans of teams not good enough to get to the Super Bowl invade our joy and enthusiasm.

Let fans of teams that couldn’t achieve not take away from our teams achievement.

We are going to celebrate an amazing week and not let anything distract from it!

By the way, he had another great observation. Chiefs fans seem very cool and chill. They aren’t into trolling and seem to just enjoy loving their team. I’ll try and learn from them!

Super Bowl Week has arrived! Let’s enjoy it together, with no trolls along for the ride!