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CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY - FEBRUARY 15: President of basketball operations Daryl Morey looks on during a press conference at the Seventy Sixers Practice Facility on February 15, 2022 in Camden, New Jersey.

It is easy to overlook with the Eagles knocking on the door of another Superbowl appearance. But the Sixers are playing some great basketball right now. They are the 2 seed in the Eastern Conference, on a 6 game-losing streak, and it is hard to find a team playing better basketball lately except for possibly the Celtics. And GM Daryl Morey joined Anthony Gargano today to discuss Joel Embidd being snubbed as an All-Star starter, the depth of this team, ripped the Boston media for good measure, and more. Here is what Daryl Morey had to say.

On the NBA Still Sticking to Antiquated Systems for All-Star And All-NBA Roster Voting

“Instead of going to All-NBA and All-Star systems that would just put the best 5 players on the floor, they continue to hold onto antiquated notions of symbols that we put next to players. If you go around the league, there are so many players who are unique to history. You cant put them in a box with an F label, a G label, or a C label. It is so antiquated. They actively resist making this change even though it makes sense. And the league has done a good job to get us to positionless basketball. They have made rule changes and made the game it is the best it has ever been. But someone sat down in 1948 and put these position levels on people. And we are still voting on them all these years later. It is crazy to me.”

On the depth of this team…

“Doc and his staff have done an incredible job this year emphasizing the we of the team. Everyone is being a star in their roles. We have had a bunch of signature wins during this stretch. Winning in Sacramento, one of the hottest teams in the West, without Joel and James. You see that as you get down to guys 10, 11, and 12, these guys can really play. They would be starting or playing big minutes on other teams. And that is a difficult situation for a coach to handle. I think Doc has done an incredible job with that. It also makes our job at the trade deadline difficult.

Our only goal is to find someone who can contribute to this team. It is our job, but it is hard. Because you look around the league, and you say that guy is not better than our 11th guy who just helped us win in Sacramento. It is hard, but we will find someone.”

You can listen to the full conversation with Daryl Morey below…