PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 21: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles passes the ball as Jason Kelce #62 blocks against the New York Giants during the NFC Divisional Playoff game at Lincoln Financial Field on January 21, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

There are a lot of dumb people out there. And it is probably better to just ignore them, and avoid feeding the trolls. But sometimes someone says something so mind-numbingly stupid, that you have to respond. And that is what happened with Craig Carton. The radio and tv host said that Jalen Hurts is the worst QB left standing in the playoffs.

Saying Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes are better than Hurts is fair enough. Both of those guys have proven it in the playoffs, with one making a Super Bowl, and the other winning one. What is not fair though, is saying that a rookie undrafted QB like Brock Purdy is better than a guy who will get MVP votes. Craig Carton saw Hurts throw it all over his Giants in the first quarter, and earlier in the season too. He should know better.

But that is not even the worst part. Carton’s reasoning for what he said is which cements the fact that he does not know a single thing about football. On his Fox Sports show, he said that Jalen Hurts threw for only 150 yards. And to him, that means he did not have a good game.

Ok. There is a difference of opinion, and there is just not knowing how the game of football works. The very important context Carton is leaving out, is that the Eagles stopped throwing the ball. Why? Because they were up 21-0 in a blink of an eye. He threw all over the Giants on the first two drives. He went 7-7, with 80 yards and two toucdowns. Everyone saw how good his arm looked on those two drives.

Anyone who has ever seen a football game knows what happened after that. The Eagles started running the ball nearly every play to run the clock. They threw the ball just 8 times in the second half. Because why would you throw it? If you throw it, you risk stopping the clock. You have a 28-0 lead. The only thing you want to do in that situation is keep the clock running. Literally everyone who understands football knows that. The only person who would question that strategy is someone who has never watched a game and is just looking at the box score.

But Craig Carton has never even seen a football let alone an actual game. So he thought he was onto something when he said Jalen threw for only 150 yards in the game. This whole take is an admission that he does not know football. So henceforth, no one should take a single thing he has to say about the game seriously. Of course, most of us were already doing that.

Craig Carton thinks Jalen Hurts is a fraud. To be fair, he is an expert on the subject of fraud.