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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - JANUARY 08: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles smiles while being interviewed after his team's 22-16 win against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field on January 08, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Anthony was feeling Optimistic In His Opening Diatribe this morning…

(Cue Both the Eagles And Sixers Songs at The Same Time)

I gotta tell you. I am double excited today. Eagles and Sixers. They are finally doing exactly what I wanted them to do. How good is it bringing Maxey off the bench? For two years I have been asking for it. I even brought it up to Doc. Yo Doc, what do you think about bringing Maxey off the bench? They look so good. They are playing well. Come on man, this is it. This is the year they make the run. we get a double-double. I feel great today. This may be the most optimistic I have felt about the state of Philadelphia sports, 4 for 4, in a long time.

Listen, we have had the Eagles run and knew this was something. But now we actually know the opponent. And we feel better about the state of Jalen yesterday. Sirrianni talked about it, he said he is going full practice. That made you feel good. The Phillies with all the signings they made. This has been great off-season for the Phillies. And then the Sixers are back! LFG! The Sixers are Back. 4 for 4 heaven baby. We have a game Saturday night against the Giants. It is going to be incredible. They aren’t losing. I don’t even have any sort of fear…

(Cue the We Ain’t Losing Sound Drop repeatedly)

I did the Keyshawn and Max morning show this morning on ESPN. I have been going at it with Keyshawn for years. “Aw, aren’t you worried?” I don’t have any worries. You guys have been counting this team out for years. You have no respect. This team is good. 14-3. Despite the coach ordering Pizza Hut.

And you can listen to his full Opening Diatribe below…