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EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - DECEMBER 11: A.J. Brown #11 of the Philadelphia Eagles runs the ball against Nick McCloud #44 of the New York Giants during the second half at MetLife Stadium on December 11, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Here is Anthony’s Opening Diatribe, where he discussed how he would go about beating the Giants…

“I think the Eagles will win on Saturday Night. It will be a bit of a sweat, but I think they win. The Giants will try to shorten the game. I look at Brian Daboll. He is a smart football mind. What he is going to try and do is not get big chunk plays. He’s looking to possess the football. He is not stupid, he knows the Eagles’ offense, he saw it up close when the Eagles put up 48 on him. And he knows the best way to be in the game, is to keep the Eagles’ offense off the field. So I am fully expecting him to try and shorten the game. He will run it and go with a lot of short throws. He is going to want high-percentage throws. 

The onus is on Jonathan Gannon. How do you stop the Giants? You start with crowding the line of scrimmage. Put the game on Daniel Jones’ shoulder. That means you play press man… I want to play man all day. No free releases, and no cheap yards. Daboll is going to want to get cheap yards. That is what they did against Minnesota. Now Minnesota’s defense is tragically bad. So they had their way. They held the ball for 8 extra minutes. That is a big deal. Every second they had the ball, Jefferson didn’t. 

If you are playing off, the Qb is going to see that, and they will get quick hitters. That is why you can’t play off the ball. Put the game on Jones’ arms. Make them beat you down the field. You have two great corners. It is going to be 33 degrees Saturday night. You want to make sure you put the game on his arm. So to win the game he will have to throw the ball down the field. I will take my chances with that every day of the week.

Especially early, you have to be aggressive defensively. You jump out early, they can’t come back. This Giants team is not a team that is built for a comeback… They don’t have the big strike capability. They have to plod down the field. And that is all they did against Minnesota, against a really bad defense. The Eagles defense is good. Their personnel is excellent. Light years better than Minnesota. So it is a Gannon game for me.”

And you can listen to Anthony’s full Opening Diatribe below…