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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - JANUARY 08: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles rushes the ball against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field on January 08, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Former Player And Current NFL Analyst For CBS Charles Davis joined Anthony Gargano to preview Wild Card weekend, and share his thoughts on the Eagles. What does Charles Davis think of this Eagles offense? He discussed that and more. Here is some of what Charles had to say.

On His Thoughts About Jalen Hurts’ Health

“Jalen Hurts’ shoulder, the interesting part for me was hearing him talk about how happy he was to earn the extra week. Which made me wonder how much he made with pain last week. Did they rush back because it was so important to get the number 1 seed? During the game, you didn’t see him make a throw and then grimace or go down and clutch his shoulder. We knew the Eagles would be careful in terms of running him… The one thing Nick Sirianni and Shane Steichen have done well, is they use him on protected runs. Very rarely do you see Hurts out there on a naked bootleg. Where he is out there by himself. There is usually… someone who is in front of him and protects him… But let’s face it guys, you can protect your Qb all you want. At some point, if he is going to move around as he does, a big hit is almost inevitable.”

On How Great The Eagles Were in The Regular Season

“Can I put it as well as I can, using the words of someone I think everyone would respect? How about Don “Wink” Martindale? The defensive coordinator for the Giants. We know how great of a coordinator he has been. Do you know what he told me before the game with Philadelphia? He said, “Hey man, you know when they crank it on high, good luck with that.” And that is coming from Wink. Who lacks zero confidence. Wink thinks he can stop anybody, anyplace, at any time… That was respect for what you are dealing with. When they are going, and they decide they want to score some points, good luck with that. And he is right. I dont think I can put it any better than that.” 

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