The Best Show Ever?

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TEMPE, ARIZONA - DECEMBER 11: Head coach John tortorella of the Philadelphia Flyers watches from the bench during the second period of the NHL game at Mullett Arena on December 11, 2022 in Tempe, Arizona.

The Flyers have actually been playing well lately. After a prolonged period of losing earlier in the season. They have won 6 of their last 7, including a 5-3 victory last night over the Washington Capitals. What has them playing so well recently? To get some insight, The Best Show Ever talked to Head Coach John Tortorella. Can his team sustain this? Is Samuel Errson the real deal? John Tortorella discussed all of that and more. Here is what Coach John Tortorella had to say.

On what Has Been Different For This Team Lately

“I think we are a lot more confident offensively. Guys seem to be allowing themselves to play. We are scoring more goals. Our goaltending all year long has been very good. Errson stepped in and really stood out. Carter has played well through it. Getting a little puck luck. You win a  couple of games, you start gaining confidence, so you loosen up. The biggest thing to remember is it comes and goes. You want to stay on top of this. Try to get as many wins while the momentum is on your side. Eventually, it goes the other way, and you have to fgith back. But right now we are enjoying it.”

On Travis Konecny

“I give TK a lot of credit for looking for help. And now he is finding his way. But no one deserves the credit more than Tk. Because he is the one who is putting in the effort. He just plays hard. If you are a talented player and play hard, you get some results. I think he has found a really good combination with his linemates. And I hope it continues.” 

On His Team’s Toughness and The Importance Of Hitting

“There are some things you can’t control, especially with a new coaching staff coming in. But there are certain things you can control. And that is your hardness. When you talk about finishing checks or blocking shots… someone is writing he is a dinosaur, that is not the way the game is played anymore. You’re wrong. You need to play that type of style come playoff style. If you want to be successful the grind, the hitting, the blocking shots, that is part of playoff hockey. Through the tough times early in the season, our guys were doing that. Right on through the losing. So I respect our group. They have found a way to make that part of our identity.”

And you can listen to the full conversation with John Tortorella below…