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LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 20: Immersive jellyfish installation by Rimini Protokoll in Eco-Visionaries exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts on November 20, 2019 in London, England. The theatrical installation win > < win is a tank of 50 moon jellyfish, one of the few species which actually benefit from the effects of global warming.

See what was brewing with Jen Scordo today. Every day on “The Best Show Ever?” she shares 3 recent weird and interesting news stories. Today she had one about a 33ft Jellyfish, a fan trying to slip his number to Adele, and an old Apple Computer hand-numbered by Steve Jobs that is up for Auction. Here are her stories from today.

Rare Phantom Jellyfish Spotted Off California Coast

Usually, when we see jellyfish, they are fairly small animals. But there is one breed of jellyfish that is fairly massive. The Phantom Jellyfish is a rare sight, with only 100 confirmed sightings since its discovery in 1899. Part of the reason for that is that it usually only lives at extreme depths, which can be hard for us to explore even with Submarines. But it has been spotted once again, 3,200 ft below sea level off the coast of California. The rare giant Jellyfish is 3 ft wide, with tentacle-like “Mouth arms” that are over 33ft long. It uses those arms to snare its prey, and drag them in.

Rare 'phantom jellyfish' with 33-foot-long 'mouth-arms' spotted off California coast

A rare and elusive deep sea creature was captured on camera by a high-tech remote submersible in Monterey, CA. The massive, 33-foot "phantom jellyfish" - a darkly colored being with ribbon-like "mouth arms" - had been discovered by the remote submarine at a depth of 3,200 feet off the West Coast shore, Live Science reported.

Fan Tries to Slip Adele His Number

Sometimes in life, you just have to shoot your shot. But maybe slipping a celebrity your number is not the best way to go about that. That is what one fan tried to do with Adele. Though Adele claims he just wanted to sell her a car, which if true might be even weirder. Adele also noted that her boyfriend, Rich Paul, was none too pleased with what happened. He said the man would be put to sleep. But judging how he handled the Ben Simmons stuff, we all doubt Rich Paul would ever actually do anything.

Adele reacts to video of fan 'trying to give her his phone number'

Adele has reacted to a video of a fan reportedly trying to woo her with his phone number during the third weekend of her Las Vegas residency on Sunday. The songstress, 34, cleared up the rumours during her performance as she insisted that the concert goer in question was actually 'trying to sell her a car.'

Apple Computer Hand Numbered By Steve Jobs Up For Auction

If you have access to $375,000, you could acquire a piece of tech history. Because an original Apple computer, hand-numbered by Steve Jobs, is up for auction. But it is running up a heavy cost. The current highest bid as of this story is $241,000. But that price is going to keep going up. The listing includes the original motherboard, with the stock number ’01-00002′ in Steve Job’s handwriting. And despite being 45 years old, the device is still operational. Of course with it being that old, operational means it doesn’t even have the computing power of a modern calculator. But it still is a cool piece of tech history. Too bad none of us can afford it.

Apple-1 'Byte Shop' computer is up for sale at $240,000

Apple-1 computer is fully-functional and has the Apple co-founder's handwriting The Apple-1 machine was the first product sold by the Apple Computer company Some 175 units were sold in total, each for $666.66 (equivalent to $3,126 today) Bidding on this item is currently at $241,000 but it's expected to reach $375,000 A fully-functional Apple 1 computer has gone up for sale - and could be yours if you have a spare $241,000 (£196,000) lying around.

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