INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - NOVEMBER 20: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 20, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Eagles escaped Indy with a close win. And Tim McManus joined “The Best Show Ever?” to discuss that victory. What should we take from their performance in Indy? How did the two new DTs play? Tim McManus discussed that and more. You can see some of what he had to say below…

On How He Views The Eagles Close Win In Indy…

“Certainly don’t look at it like a loss. That is kind of what matters. You look up and it’s 9-1, and that is a good place to be critiquing from. Playing on the road, minus Dallas Goedert, getting the job done, and your Qb stepping up in a big spot. Those are positive. But it is right not to be feeling super good coming off of that week. Mainly because of the way the offense looked minus their standout TE.

Life got tougher when Dallas Goedert got hurt. There is no way around that. It got harder for Jalen Hurts, and it got harder for the offensive play callers. It’s just not going to look the same. In the first half of that game, they were tinkering trying to figure out ways to compensate for Goedert’s loss… It just seemed like they got a little too cute.

 You saw in the second half they unlimited that. They started going with 3 Wr sets almost exclusively… It’s a feeling-out process without Dallas Goedert… The test over the next few weeks is going to be pretty tough for them as they navigate that injury.” 

On Impact of Suh and Joseph

“Yea I was totally skeptical. Joseph came in and had his first practice on Wednesday. Suh didn’t get here until Thursday. And you were asking those guys to go in and fill a pretty significant role. I wondered at 34 and 35 years old, not having played at all this season, would they be effective? Was this the safest thing for them?

It felt like make-believe almost that they would be able to come in and do what they did. They had a significant impact in that game. I would say particularly Joseph. After that first drive where they allowed 49 rushing yards, where it looked like it was the same old same old. Joseph had a big part in stopping that. They had significant contributions in this game. If it continues that bolds well for an Eagles defensive front. Especially once Jordan Davis gets back, there are just a lot of options to choose from with those two additions.”

Listen to the full interview below…