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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - NOVEMBER 02: Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Charlie Manuel meet on the field to delivers the first pitches prior to the start of Game Four of the 2022 World Series at Citizens Bank Park on November 02, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It is the eve of Thanksgiving, and we are also in the middle of the Phillies hot stove. And to discuss both the holiday and the Phillies’ offseason, Anthony Gargano talked to the one and only Charlie Manuel. He and Anthony got into talking about what will be on the Thanksgiving table, and Charlie sang the praises of John Middleton and Rob Thomson. Here is some of what Charlie Manuel had to say.

On Reviewing the Phillies’ Run, and what comes next

“I look at this way. Two teams get there, we didn’t win. But at the same time, we created a lot of energy for the next few years in Philadelphia. I saw that they just signed Dave for a longer contract. Taht right there tells me we are always going to be a competitive team.”

On John Middleton being Committed to Winning

“I liked the reaction of our owner, John Middleton. I saw him go down the field and he talked to every one of the players. I saw the interest that he had. Believe me, he is going to do everything possible to get back there. He wants to win the World Series. But I think he also wants to win 3 or 4. he wants to be a dynasty.”

On Rob Thomson

“I said all year long that I’m happy for Robby. He put a lot of time into baseball. And now it seems like he is getting a reward for it. That is good, that is what makes Baseball great. When someone works through the minor leagues, and they spend a lot of time there. And they are good, and people hardly ever have to talk about them. They definitely earned their wings. And Robby Thomson is definitely one of those guys who earned his way there.

You can listen to the full conversation with Charlie Manuel below…