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KASAOKA, JAPAN - JULY 31: A field of blooming sunflowers photographed at dusk on July 31, 2021 in Kasaoka, Japan. The Kasaoka Bay Farm sunflower festival is held through mid-August as approximately one million sunflowers are in full bloom in the fields.

See what was brewing with Jen Scordo today! Every day she shares 3 recent weird and interesting news stories on The Best Show Ever. Today she had a story about a man being fined by his city for growing too many flowers, a house from Stranger Things being on sale, and a teen who tried to get a haircut with fire and unsurprisingly ended up with a burnt face. Here are her stories from today.

Creel House From Stranger Things Up For Sale

The Creel House was a crucial part of Stranger Things Season 4. It was home of the season’s antagonist Vecna, and the location of many of the scares in the show. And now you could live there if you can afford to pay $1.5 million. The home, residing in Rome, Georgia, is now up for sale. The show secured the rights to film there back in 2019. And with the show bringing renewed renown to the historic home, the owners have decided it was a good time to sell, after originally buying the home for just $350k in 2019.

'Stranger Things' Creel House Listed for $1.5 Million

"Stranger Things" fans can now live out their worst nightmares -- the infamous Creel House in the hit series has hit the market. The iconic haunted house, which is home to the Creel family and Vecna's lair in the Upside Down in Season 4, is now up for grabs in Rome, GA ...

City Fines Man Over Sun Flowers

During the pandemic, Chris Bank started to plant flowers in his yard to bring some much-needed joy to spectators. But there were some people who did not see the joy. Namely the city of St Peters. For two years in a row, they have fined him, and brought him to court, to try and get the flowers removed. And recently a judge ruled with the city, passing down a $400 fine to Banks. But he plans to fight it and still plans to plant even more flowers, with more colors next year. He has received support from at least some of his neighbors, with one anonymous resident even leaving him cash to pay the fines, and buy more flower seeds.

Man to pay $400 fine for having too many sunflowers in his yard

Homeowner Chris Bank is required to pay $400 to the city of St.

Tent Left With Facial Burns After Fire Haircut

If you were considering using fire to cut your hair, don’t. One teen in India tried that, and it went very poorly. The Barber was trying a technique where you use flames instead of scissors to style the hair. But the teen’s whole head went up into flames, leaving him with serious burns across his face, and chest. Why you would want to use fire on your own head when scissors and a razor are completely functional for cutting hair? Who knows. But this 18-year-old learned the hard way that it probably is not a good idea.

Teen left with severe burns on face after unconventional haircut goes wrong

Not the kind of sideburns he was hoping for. Alarming footage captured the moment an unconventional "flame haircut" literally - and perhaps unsurprisingly - backfired, leaving a teen with severe burns. A clip of the harebrained moment is currently igniting the internet as gawkers marvel at the barber's stupidity and the dangerous trend, which has millions of views on TikTok.

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