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WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 10: Manager Charlie Manuel #41 of the Philadelphia Phillies watches batting practice before the game against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park on August 10, 2013 in Washington, DC.

The Phillies are in the World Series! And there is no one better to talk to about the Phillies being there than the last Manager to get them there and to win it. Charlie Manuel joined The Anthony Gargano show earlier today. Here is What Charlie Manuel had to say…

On Bryce Harper’s Play and That HR

“When Bryce is really good, he is free with his hands. When I say tension free in a hitter, he is loose, not tight in his back or his chest. He can handle the bat and can hit the ball to all fields. And has big power. If you ever watch him take BP, the ball is just flying off of his bat. he hits a bat and it is loud. And that homerun was loud loud. It was in the seats before the guy could turn around almost… He’s focused, he’s locked in. I have seen him have some at-bats that are unreal. He never gives in, never gives up. He was just having good swings at the ball and ended up smoking the hell out of the baseball.”

On The Team Chemistry

“I love the way they play. They were having fun. They are resilient. And they proved that with how they came back against the Padres in this series. Anytime they got down they bounced right back. They never let the game get away from them. I think they were definitely prepared to play. And I don’t look for that to change, because they have a lot of life and a lot of love on their team. They like one another, and they like coming to the ballpark. When we made some changes during the season, the whole chemistry thing changed around to a very positive one. And I contribute a lot of that to the manager.”

Listen to the full interview below…