This is only the 15th (!!!) time in the 140 seasons of existence that the Phillies have made the postseason. Forget everything else and just enjoy the streak being broken … for now. Would ya look at it?!? Just look at it!

Yes, we did miss you October. We missed the ever living heck out of you. Think about that, only 14 times prior has the team given you this feeling. Forget the injury concerns with the bullpen, forget about the potential opponent and if they’ll win, just enjoy it. I’ve written before about how in the past 11 years that I’ve missed the playoff hoodies, the bunting flags surrounding a field and the painted on MLB Playoffs logo near the dugout and I don’t care if it’ll be on the field in St. Louis or New York (more on that in a bit).

Aaron Nola was phenomenal last night in the biggest spot on the mound of his Phillies career. It was actually October Nola, not September Nola that came through for his teammates. The guy had a great September, let’s hope that narrative (which was accurate) can be laid to rest now. Nola will be on pace to start game 2 of the Wild Card on Saturday. Zach Wheeler will be pitching game one. The team was ecstatic last night in the clubhouse and rightfully so.

Think about all the Phillies players that have never even made the postseason in their careers. Jean Segura for instance had the longest active streak in MLB without ever making a playoff appearance. You know the guys are excited for him to get that monkey off his back. JT Realmuto, an 11 year pro has now reached the postseason as well, he was 2nd on the list behind Segura! Rhys Hoskins, Aaron Nola, Alec Bohm, Bryson Stott, Brandon Marsh, Ranger Suarez & Zach Wheeler and plenty others have now experienced what it takes to get there (thank you third wild card spot). Even a guy like Bryce Harper has been in the playoffs before had his former team, the Washington Nationals win the World Series in his first season in Philadelphia.

Kyle Schwarber hit his 45th and 46th HR’s of the season to secure the birth. Just enjoy this Schwar-bomb. His 46 HRs for the Phillies would come in 6th all-time in a Phillies history for HRs in a season.

Here’s the list for most home-runs in a Phillies season…

Schwarber still has a chance to move into a tie for 4th/5th if he can get 47 before the end of the year. But my gut says the lineups the next two nights might look a little different but you still want your guys seeing some pitches before Friday nights Game 1. Will that game be in St. Louis or New York? Well, we’ve got to follow the Padres to find out that answer.

As always, Go Phils. Enjoy this ride.

The Last Time The Phillies Made The Post Season....

The drought is OVER. The Phillies are headed back to the post season for the first time since 2011. The last time the Phillies clinched a playoff spot it was September 15th 2011 when Roy Halladay went out in Houston and threw a complete game shutout as the Phillies won 1-0. The expectations that season were high, but unfortunately they were ousted by the Cardinals a few weeks later in the NLDS. 4,000+ days later the Phillies finally return!

Now that its over, lets take a look back at what was going on the LAST time the Phillies headed to the postseason.

  • Blockbuster's

    If you are about 17 you might have heard the legends of stores where you would go to rent a movie. There was no streaming. There were blockbuster videos and they were a STAPLE. And in 2011 there were 1,821 stores.

    There is now 1.

  • The #1 Song

    It was “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5. A decent song that was driven into the ground by EVERYONE.

  • Bryce Harper

    Had just wrapped up his second pro season in the minors. He hadnt even reached AAA yet.

  • The Phillies Lineup

    The day the Phillies last clinched a playoff spot their lineup was

    Shane Victorino

    Placido Polanco

    Hunter Pence

    Ryan Howard

    Raul Ibanez

    Carlos Ruiz

    Pete Orr

    Michael Martinez

    Roy Halladay

  • #1 Movie In America

    Contagion. It made $22 million and found new life during the pandemic.


  • Social Media

    Snap Chat had Just been launched a few days prior

    Tik Tok was still 5 years away.

    Twitter was still at 140 characters

    Instagram was less than a year old

    And Facebook was still king

  • The Eagles

    Danny Watkins and Jaiquawn Jarrett were ONE week into their Eagles debuts as the top 2 picks! But Jason Kelce was a rookie starting center poised to do incredible things in this city

  • Flyers

    The Flyers entered training camp with a HUGE shakeup in the offseason. They traded Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. In were a 23 year old Wayne Simmonds and a 22 year old Jake Voracek. But the big offseason addition was Ilya Bryzgalov who signed a 9 year, $51 million dollar deal….yuck.

  • Sixers

    The Sixers, led by vets like Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand, and Lou Williams, welcomed in rookie Nik Vucevic. Jrue Holiday was 21 years old. Evan Turner was still considered a building block at 22. And Thad Young was 23. The Sixers were about to enjoy a really good season which led to the organization “going for it” the next year by getting Andrew Bynum

  • Joel Embiid

    Joel Embiid had played basketball for 2 years….

  • Gas

    A regular gallon of gas cost $3.60

  • Iphone

    If you wanted the latest Iphone you had to get the Iphone 4.

  • The Sports World

    The Packers were the reigning Super Bowl Champs having defeated the Steelers

    The Bruins were the reigning Stanley Cup champs having taken out the Canucks

    The Mavericks had taken out the loaded up Heat in Lebron’s first year

    Jon Jones was a week away from his first UFC title defence at UFC 135

    NASCAR wa a few days away from kicking off their “Chase for the Championship” which would eventually be won by Tony Stewart