INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 03: A general view of the NFL logo on the field is seen before the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium on October 03, 2021 in Inglewood, California.

by John Kincade

Week 3 UPDATE! How many teams are better than the Eagles?

I won’t make you wait on the lead story, the answer in Week 3 is ZERO.

The process that I work through is that amnesia must be the first rule of evaluation. Nothing that happened before Week One this season means anything. You can’t have a bias towards Brady or Mahomes based on past accomplishments. The only thing that matters is to look at the teams week to week and to evaluate what you see, NOT what you think that they are!

Let’s recap first. These are the past two weeks numbers;

Week One – 7

Week Two – 2

Week Three – 0

The average after the first 2 weeks was 4.5 placing the Eagles in the Top 5 NFL teams. Now the average is 3. Meaning that the Eagles are shaking out among the Top 3 teams.

It’s not too early to get excited about where the Eagles are and where they are heading. This team is currently Top 7 in both offensive and defensive categories. They have a level of consistency that supports them being among the best teams. They also have the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL. Another thing to look out for is their (3-0) start are all NFC wins. That will come into conversations later this year with tie-breakers determining home field advantage.

Does Top 3 seem a little high? I’ll be honest. Yes. Will they prove to me they belong there in the next 3 weeks? They most certainly have the opportunity to do so. The Bills and Chiefs both lost this past weekend, so danger lurks. The Jacksonville Jaguars are an impressive, hungry young squad coming in to test their resolve.

I’ll say this. If they go to (4-0) they will most likely be considered the best team in the NFL.

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