PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 29: Catcher Carlos Ruiz #51 and Brad Lidge #54 of the Philadelphia Phillies celebrate after recording the final out of their 4-3 win to win the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays during the continuation of game five of the 2008 MLB World Series on October 29, 2008 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Every day on The Anthony Gargano Show Andrew Salciunas dives into the Audi Vault to see what he can find. And today he found a treasure trove, including the audio from when the Phillies clinched the NL East in 2008.

Evan Turner Didn’t Know He Was Live

It was Evan Turner’s first Media Day with the Sixers. And clearly, he did not know media etiquette. He gave us a mother-father right into the hot mic, not realizing he was live on the air. Then when he was told what he did, he did it again, before saying my bad. And with Sixers media day happening yesterday, Andrew found the audio of Turner’s hot mic moment down in the Audio Vault to play for us today.

Happy Birthday Mike Schmidt

It is Mike Schmidt’s Birthday. Schmidty is the best Phillies hitter of all time, and that isn’t really up for debate. He leads them in Home Runs all-time, and had several gold gloves. And to honor the Hall of Famer, Andrew found some great Schmidt moments down in the vault.

  • Mike Schmidt hitting his 500th
  • Mike Schmidt hitting 4 Home Runs in a single game

Bryce Haper Gets Choked Out By Jonathan Papelbon

On this day in history seven years ago, Jonathan Papelbon tried to choke out Bryce Harper. it was back when they both played for the Nationals. Papelbon was not happy that Bryce Harper didn’t run out a fly ball. Harper pushed back. So Papelbon wrapped his hands around Harper’s throat. And Andrew pulled the audio from the announcers reacting to this happening. Though fair warning, the announcers did not do a great job reacting to it.

Phillies Clinch The NL East on the Path To A World Series

On this day in 2008, the Phillies clinched the NL East. It was the first step to them breaking the World Series. The Phillies lead the NAtionals 4-3 in the bottom of the 9th. The bases were loaded and Brad Lidge’s perfect season was on the line. But the game ended with a Ryan Zimmerman ground ball to Jimmy Rollins, who turned the double play to end the game and clinch the NL East. And Andrew grabbed the audio from both the National call of the final out and of course Harry Kalas’s call, out of the vault.