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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - SEPTEMBER 19: Darius Slay #2 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates after making an interception against the Minnesota Vikings at Lincoln Financial Field on September 19, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Eagles look to go 3-0 on Sunday when they travel down to Washington to face the Commanders. And Dave Zangaro joined “The Best Show Ever?” to preview the game. Here is What Zangaro had to say about Sunday’s game…

On Landon Dickerson Being Listed as Questionable

“I’m hearing that the Eagles aren’t too concerned about it. It looks like he is going to play. We will see how that progresses and how he feels on Sunday. But there’s optimism there. Which is a good thing. Especially against this team. They don’t have a ton of depth on the D Line but their two starters at DT are pretty good. You have Jonathan Allen, who predominantly lines up on the right side of the line, so he is either going to face Dickerson, or whoever replaces Dickerson. 

On Who Will Play LG If He Can’t Go

“Typically Jeff Stoutland likes to not move pieces around. But this is an interesting case because Seumalo has played so much on the left side. It wouldn’t be much to move him there. it comes down to who they feel better about, Sua Opeta or Jack Driscoll. If it’s Sua, they plug and play him at LG. If it’s Driscoll they move Seumalo to LG and play Driscoll at RG. In that case, Driscoll needs to be clearly the best option, and I’m not sure that’s the case. I think they can get by in a game with Sua at LG.” 

On how to Defend Carson Wentz

“What we know of Carson is he will make some outstanding plays and some headscratchers. The idea here is to force him into the headscratchers. I would try to confuse him, collapse the pocket, and hit him a little bit. His pocket presence is still very questionable. He seems to not know what to do when there are bodies around him. And I would try to force him into some errors. As well as he has played, he’s thrown 3 picks, and he has fumbled in the end zone. He can turn the Football over, and that has to be the gameplan, to force him into those mistakes.”

On If This Could Be a Trap Game

“It’s the first thing you think about in a game like this. You start thinking this is a trap game. You’re coming off a really exciting win at home. Now you have a short week, and you are playing a division rival who is not bad. You wonder about those things. Ultimately though, I think they are just the more talented team. And I think they really do have guards in place to make sure complacency doesn’t set in. They have the QB in place to preach against it. We know the head coach preaches against it. And they have a lot of veterans in that locker room. I think it’s a fear. And it’s a good thing to have the fear of it and be cognisant.”

Listen to the full interview with Dave Zangaro below…