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DETROIT, MICHIGAN - SEPTEMBER 18: Carson Wentz #11 of the Washington Commanders plays against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 18, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan.

The Eagles face Carson Wentz this Sunday for the first time since they traded him away. See what Anthony Gargano had to say about “The Wentz Game,” in his Opening Diatribe today…

“It’s the Wentz game. We’ve been waiting for this. The NFL is incredible. The theater that it provides. It just has everything. Minnesota, which is a great rivalry now last Monday night. We have Wentz on Sunday, and then Dougie P a week from Sunday. I heard a lot of the conversation surrounding Wentz. And it was “Well, what do you care?”

I care, I think it’s fascinating. We understand that it was over here. it was over here last year. So its not about pining for Wentz to still be the QB. Nothing to do that. He is still going to be linked to this franchise. He was once the franchise QB for the Eagles. In my lifetime, the franchise QBs, I can go off the top of my head. Ron Jaworski, Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, if you want you can put Vick and Foles in there, and then Wentz. In my entire life, that’s it. 

The story of Wentz is fascinating. It’s still fascinating. It is still half a mystery. I’m supremely interested in this story. He’s gonna be a tub of goo on Sunday when all the Eagle fans are in each End Zone. I heard Johnny the K say this morning about all the buses going down, and invading Normandy. That’s great stuff, that’s theater. And I want to see how Wentz reacts to it. The dude had a ton of talent and a 10-cent head. 

Jalen Hurts is the direct opposite. If there is a yin and yang in the universe, Wentz is the yang. Wentz is 6ft5 and has a big arm while Hurts is 6ft and doesn’t have a big arm. But Hurts has a big heart, and Wentz has no heart. Hurts is smart, and Wentz is not smart. And Wentz plays selfish hero ball, while Hurts is a team guy. They’re the opposites of the universe. It’s freaking fascinating. 

I can’t wait for this game! I loved Wentz. When they drafted him, I wanted Wentz over Goff. I looked at the two of them, and said give me the big dude from the country… Wentz is supposed to be Josh Allen. And let’s not forget he made some big plays. There is a reason he was supposed to be a messiah, he just turned out to be a false messiah. Wasn’t because of his ability, he just turned out to have a bad head and a selfish ego.

In fairness to him, it was an extraordinary situation. How often does the backup Qb come in and win the Super Bowl? Foles outdueled Brady! Those circumstances crushed Wentz. And I can’t even blame him for that. That is a tough situation. Im fascinated whats going to happen Sunday in Washington.”

You can listen to his full Opening Diatribe about The Wentz Game below…