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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 29: Former San Francisco Giants player Willie Mays waves during a ceremony honoring Giants manager Bruce Bochy after a baseball game between the San Fransisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers on September 29, 2019 in San Fransisco, California

See what Andrew Salciunas found in The Audio Vault today. He grabbed Willie Mays 600th HR and some audio from 3 classic sports movies.

Willie Mays Hits his 600th HR

Willie Mays may be the best baseball player, depending on who you ask. And on this day in history, he became the 2nd player in MLB history to hit his 600th HR. And to honor the “Say Hey Kid” Andrew pulled the radio call of his 600th shot.

AFC Richmond Now Available To Play As In FIFA

You can now be Ted Lasso in FIFA. The popular character from the titular show on Apple +, and his team AFC Richmond, are now playable in FIFA. It’s a show, and a character, that seems to be universally loved. And now you can continue to love them while playing FIFA. And because of that, Andrew pulled the audio from the scene in Ted Lasso where he plays darts with the former owner of AFC Richmond to defend the current owner.

Kicking and Screaming

With Anthony’s kids under the weather, he has been watching a lot of movies with them, and one of them was Kicking and Screaming. And perhaps the best scene from that movie, was when Will Ferrell’s character got into a screaming match with Hall of Fame Head Coach Mite Ditka. He tries to big-time Ditka, who is his assistant coach in the film, and relegate him to getting juice boxes. Predictably, Ditka does take well to being yelled at, and the two get into a heated argument. And Andrew pulled the audio from it to play in today’s vault.

Remember The Titans

Another film he watched with his kids was Remember the Titans. And because of that Anthony Asked Andrew to find a scene from Remember the Titans in The Vault.

Watch the full Audio Vault segment below…