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PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 19: Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on against the New England Patriots in the second half of the preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field on August 19, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Patriots defeated the Eagles 35-0.

Jonathan Spoke to the media after a dominant performance by his defense vs the Vikings. This is some of what he had to say.

On the Selflessness of Darius Slay

“That’s what I love about Slay. he’s the same every week. It doesn’t matter if he is covering Justin Jefferson or if he is lining up and covering me. He takes the same approach weekly. What I love about him is he’s a premier corner, but he’s selfless. He’s always about the team first. What do you need me to do to make the team win? And he knows it’s not about him. And the way he prepares during the week. The way he studies, and watches tape with those guys. That’s why he’s a captain. People see on gameday what he does, but they don’t see what he does during the week. It’s a really good asset for our defense.”

On how he handles all the criticism from outside the organization

“If you listen to outside noise and you let it affect you, good and bad, it’s a recipe for disaster. We preach that to our players, and we wear it on our sleeves as well. Honestly, I don’t feel any pressure from anyone outside this building. The most pressure I put on myself, is because of myself. And that’s the way I have been since I was a kid. This is a new week, and the pressure I have on myself is the same pressure I had last year. (Outside pressure) really doesn’t matter to me.”

On Chauncey Gardner Johnson

The first thing with a Safety is reliability.  You have to be in the right spot. And I thought he took a big jump from week 1 to week 2. He understands he is going to keep growing in that role as far as this is where you have to be, and these are the calls you have to make. And then from here, just go play. Play free. Don’t think too much. He’s very intelligent. But what I mean by that is it comes natural, and he doesn’t have to think about things. He can just unleash his talent and go make a bunch of plays for us. Excited about where Chauncy is, and I think he is going to continue to get better.