No one cares about power rankings, I get it. I also love to see when the Birds are ranked high amongst the leagues upper echelon teams. I don’t read power rankings when my team sucks. I’m a sucker for it when the teams good. The Wawa coffees taste better, the Philly pretzel factory rivets taste like pretzels from heaven and the power rankings are borderline sexual. Let’s get a consensus from around the web of football writers of how the Eagles are viewed nationally after Monday nights whooping of the Vikings. Go Birds!

NFL’s own website of course puts out their owner power rankings because of course they do! Everyone gets involved in these rankings because they must sure get page views! NFL’s website has the Eagles coming in 3rd overall!

NFL Power Rankings, Week 3: Eagles fly into top three; Bengals fall out of top 10

Week 2 brought us epic drama. The Dolphins, Jets and Cardinals all authored heroic comebacks. The Falcons nearly dug out of a 28-3 (there's that score again) hole against the defending champs. Aaron Rodgers got back on track ... while Trey Lance is once again left to wait for next year.

CBS Sports has the Birds coming in 4th, only behind 3 other 2-0 teams in the Chiefs, Bills and. Around 4th appears to be the most common landing place for the Birds overall amongst all the websites. Pete Prisco is a well respected NFL writer for many years.

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings: Tua Tagovailoa's Dolphins may be for real; 49ers crack top 10 with Jimmy Garoppolo

There are those who can't ever admit they are wrong, some of whom I work with here at CBS Sports. (See: tall quarterback who played at Notre Dame.) I am not one of those who can't admit being wrong. So here it goes: I think I might have been wrong about Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Yahoo! has the Eagles the highest of all the power rankings with the Birds coming in 3rd! Oh baby. Yahoo! goes on to rave about Jalen Hurts and how much the team is going to owe him in free agency. Only teams ahead of him on Yahoo’s list is the Chiefs and Bills.

NFL Power Rankings Week 3: Wild comebacks, collapses leave questions

Week 2 is always one of the best weeks of the NFL seasons. It's the Sunday where everyone collectively wonders "are any of these teams good?" These rankings will reflect that. Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs excluded, of course.

ESPN isn’t as favorable as Pro Football Talk as they have the Eagles coming in 8th overall. Behind some a bunch of 1-1 teams like the Packers, Chargers and Rams. When you look at the pedigree of the QB’s listed above them, in a way it’s tough to argue.

Updated NFL Power Rankings: New 1-32 poll, plus adjustments every team needs to make -- quickly

Welcome to Week 3 of the NFL regular season. Week 2 was the week of the comebacks. We saw the Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets do the improbable and pull out wins after being down multiple scores.

Pro Football Talk and Mike Florio. Mike and the staff have them 4th overall, behind the Bucs, Bills and Chiefs. Seems pretty fair because those 3 teams are all considered the top Super Bowl favorites according to the sports books across the country.

PFT's Week 3 2022 NFL power rankings - ProFootballTalk

1. Bills (2-0; No. 1): An unexpectedly huge test is looming in Miami. It's hard to see them not passing it.2. Chiefs (2-0; No. 2): The offense is great, and the defense is good enough to step up on the nights the offense isn't playing that way.3. Buccaneers (2-0; No.