ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joined the John Kincade Show for his weekly hit (8:10am on Wednesdays) and discussed the 2-0 (future World Champion) Philadelphia Eagles. Its hard not to be excited about the Birds after that Monday Night drubbing of the Minnesota Vikings. Jalen Hurts with a close to flawless performance, while the defense got after Kirk Cousins, and forced multiple turnovers while shutting down Justin Jefferson. It was a performance where you sit back and dream about a scenario that ends with the Eagles playing in Arizona in February.

“It was the type of performance, when you’re watching the game, where you say ‘Why can’t this team go to the Super Bowl?’” Schefter said. “They look like they can be as good and as tough as anybody in football, and if they play that way it’s got a chance to be a great season.” 

Coming into the game one of the biggest questions on fans minds was regarding Jonathan Gannon and his scheme. After a subpar performance in week 1, fans were eager to see what the second year coordinator would do week 2. Some were even saying his seat was warm. But after Monday Night it appears to have cooled off quite a bit. Schefter was even surprised at the strong play from the Eagles D.

“I think I was more surprised with the way the Eagles’ defense played in the opener… They played more like I expected them to play on Monday night than they did in the opener. That’s the kind of Eagles defense that I think that they are, and can be.”