The Best Show Ever?

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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - SEPTEMBER 19: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles (L) celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings at Lincoln Financial Field on September 19, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Earlier today Tim McManus joined “The Best Show Ever?” for the Mid-Week Report. He got into the win over the Vikings, how impressive Jalen Hurts was, Jonathan Gannon’s scheme adjustments, how to defend Carson Wentz this Sunday, and more. Here is some of what he had to say to us.

On How Impressive Jalen Hurts Was

“When we came into the season, what was the framing? The big question was could Jalen Hurts rise to the moment? And through two games he has been their best player. He is answering some of the questions that were holding people back… the most impressive thing to me was the way he functioned in the pocket. He had to make really sharp accurate passes on time. Where it was small windows, it had to be there, and it had to be there now. And he was making those. That wasn’t something that he was doing even a year ago. The massive jump he had in that realm was something that stood out to me.”

On How Gannon Changed It Up vs The Vikings

“The fact Gannon changed his approach was very encouraging. What we saw was too passive of a style of play. The defensive backs were playing too far off in coverage. He wasn’t blitzing around. The end result was Qbs being way too comfortable in the pocket… But they did things differently against the Vikings. You saw the corners challenging what is a gifted group of Minnesota WRs. Darius had an exceptional game going up against Justin Jefferson…

Gannon had some designs in his defense where he was bracketing Jefferson… And Kirk Cousins was never able to get a rhythm as a passer. One because the corners were challenging,. Two because Gannon was dialing up some opportunistic creative blitzes… Credit where it is due. Gannon has been getting a ton of heat, all of it deserved. But he stepped up in response in a major way.”

On How To Defend Carson Wentz

“We know who Wentz is. He holds on to the ball too long. And he will wait that extra half a second to make a big play. The downside to that, which we’ve seen, is pressure can get home to him. You can create a strip fumble there, or force him into a bad pass. So do the same thing. Make sure you are pressuring those WRs. Make Wentz hold onto the ball just half a second longer. That way the front gets home, and force Wentz into some bad decisions.”

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