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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - NOVEMBER 07: Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon of the Philadelphia Eagles walks off the field after a loss against the Los Angeles Chargers at Lincoln Financial Field on November 07, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Not everything was pretty for the Eagles in week 1. Especially on the defensive end. So to get the low down on what is going on with the defensive side of the ball, “The Best Show Ever?” talked to Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philly. He discussed the concerns about Jonathan Gannon, how the Eagles should attempt to cover Justin Jefferson, and weighed in on if Jalen Hurts is running too much.

On Concerns About Jonathan Gannon

“It’s a little concerning because a lot of the seams we’ve from this Gannon defense throughout last year showed up again. It can be a frustrating style to watch when it’s not working. In theory, there can be a lot of good when you keep everything in front of you. If you are going to do that you need to get off the field on 3rd down. They didn’t do that… That style of defense can work, but they didn’t do those things and they paid for it.”

On how to Approach Defending Justin Jefferson

“There’s no right answer for Justin Jefferson. He is a monster. I was so impressed by how they used him in week 1. He’s a player who can get open on his. But to see the way they schemed up and found ways to get him open. It’s not a simple fix here. There are some receivers where you can say ‘Alright Slay travel with him, try to take him out of the game.’ You can’t do that with Jefferson because so much of his time is spent in the slot. So you really just have to know where he is, which is not always easy. And you have to offer some help. You can’t let just one player. You need to bracket him… It is easier said than done.” 

On If Jalen Hurts Is Running Too Much

“I think he generally does a pretty good of protecting himself. At least he knows how to slide. I thought a few of those players last week were on the line. I thought he got hit a little later than he should have. You want to see him avoid hits. But you also can’t take away the thing that makes him a special player. Like it or not, that is what he does best… He needs to run. We all agree he has to keep getting better as a passer, but I don’t think he is ever going to drop back 50 times and just make the passes. That wouldn’t make sense.” 

You can listen to the full interview below…