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DETROIT, MICHIGAN - SEPTEMBER 11: Brandon Graham #55 of the Philadelphia Eagles plays against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 11, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan.

The Eagles defense did not look too good in week 1. That led to concerns over the past few days that Jonathan Gannon may be running the same soft defense he ran all last season. Tim McManus joined “The Best Show Ever?” earlier today, and weighed in on Jonathan Gannon, and some odd statements Gannon made in his press conference on Tuesday.

On the Eagles Defense, and Their Scheme

“The six blitzes that Gannon drew up tied for 5th fewest among week 1. And Eagles registered just 6 QB contacts which tied for 3rd fewest in the NFL. The numbers match up with the eye test which is Goff didn’t get enough heat on him… What is probably most concerning about that defensive performance is that Gannon did not only have all these new pieces, but he had an entire offseason to think on this. But it kinda felt like he fell into a similar pattern, which I don’t know at this point if he is going to move off that substantially. We know he doesn’t like to give up the big play. And so he is hesitant to throw out blitzes and expose the backend.” 

On Gannon saying that Howie sits in on Defensive Meetings

“A lot of ears perked up with that statement, mine included… But I don’t think we need to take it too far. Roseman is not sitting there saying this is how you should gameplan. What it is more about is the numbers. Roseman has the final say over the game-day roster. So he needs to know how many guys are you using, what are you envisioning. Talk to me about it so that I can make the proper adjustments. That kind of thing so he can manage the final game day roster.”

And you can listen to the full Tim McManus interview, where he also touched on liking what he saw from Jalen Hurts, below…