DAVID, PANAMA - AUGUST 19: Andrew Painter #24 of United States pitches in the 2nd inning during the final match of WSBC U-15 World Cup Super Round at Estadio Kenny Serracin on August 19, 2018 in David, Panama.

Every Wednesday Jayson Stark joins “The Best Show Ever?” to discuss the Phillies, the MLB as a whole, and more. Today he discussed the new MLB rules, the Phillies’ playoff race, the Zack Wheeler injury status, and also got into the shining star that is Andrew Painter. Here is some of what he had to say.

On the Status of Zack Wheeler

“He seems like he is on a good path right now. But I found this whole thing interesting. I think they have taken this slow to a large degree because they could. To get in the playoffs they have to play better than the Brewers who are playing terrible Baseball. So they have given the Phillies a margin of error. I just got the impression that they took more time than they would if these races were closer… He has already missed 5 starts, which is a lot. It wasn’t just a minor thing… And the other part is, I am trying to do the math of how much time is left… If there is any delay in that, then you are asking for trouble.”

On What We Can Expect from Andrew Painter

“I just got my copy of Baseball America. And this week is the Best Tools issue. Where they go through every minor league and poll all the managers about which pitchers and which players have the best stuff. You know he was voted the best pitching prospect in both leagues he was in. He was voted of having the best fastball and best breaking ball in both leagues. What about that says this is a fluke? He’s blown through 3 levels of the minor leagues. And dominated in all of them.

He is positioned now to be a contributor next year in the big leagues at 20 years old. Tell me when this has happened for the Phillies. Its really reminiscent of when Cole Hamels came through the system. But not at 20. He didn’t get here that fast. Scouts who have seen Painter love this guy. They think every bit of it is real. I can’t wait to see him here.”

You can listen to the full interview here…






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