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7 Feb 1997: Moses Malone looks on during Media Day for the All-Star Game at the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.

What did Andrew Salciunas pull out of Audio Vault Today? Every day Andrew goes down into the Audio Vault to find some audio to play for Anthony Gargano and you. Today he found audio from an impressive Steve Carlton feat, something to honor Moses Malone, the debut of an iconic TV show, and the birth of a popular American brand. Here is what he found today.

Steve Carlton Throws a Complete Game Shutout and Hits an HR

Today is the anniversary of Steve Carlton throwing a complete game shutout, and hitting an HR, in the same game. A feat the Hall of Famer actually did three times, in three different decades. The one that happened on this date, took place in 1982. And as Andrew pointed out, he is the only player in MLB history to accomplish that feat. So Andrew dusted off some audio of Steve Carlton hitting an HR, as called by Harry Kalas, and Richie Ashburn.

The Anniversary of Moses Malone’s Death

Unfortunately on this day in history, Sixers Hall of Famer Moses Malone passed away. Moses helped the Sixers win the NBA Finals in 1983, along with Julius “Dr.J” Erving, and Maurice Cheeks. He played 5 seasons in Philly, and apart from his amazing play, may be best known for the iconic “Fo, Fo, Fo,’ moment where he predicted the Sixers would sweep their way through the playoffs. They came so close to living up to that prediction, but they did lose one game on the run to winning the Finals, and it was instead “Fo, Fi, Fo.” To honor his memory, Andrew pulled some Mose Malone highlights from his NBA Finals performance, and a clip his hall of fame speech, out of the Audio Vault.

The Debut of Law and Order

On this day in history, the original Law and Order debuted. It kicked off on September 13th in 1990. It birthed multiple Spinoffs including Special Victims Unit, Organized Crime, Criminal Intent, True Crime, L.A. and Trial by Jury. The original series, SVU, and Organized Crime are still on the air today. Andrew pulled the iconic Theme Song out of the Audio vault to honor the date.

The Birth Of Milton Hershey

Today would also have been the birth of Milton Hershey, who as you may have guessed, founded Hershey. He was born on September 13th, 1857. Milton founded the company in 1894, in Derry Township, Pennsylvania, and would later establish the Town of Hershey to house the company’s workers. It went on to be the largest chocolate producer in the United States. To honor the date, Andrew played audio from an old commercial advertising the titular chocolate company.

And you can watch the full segment below…